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Thread: Fire mage in need of a light!

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    Fire mage in need of a light!

    Heya folks. Ive played a fire mage since cata came and have really enjoyed it. damage has been good but ive come to a point where i dont think im not doing the damage i should be able to. Ive read various forums and site and think im doing the right things. I have compared myself to another fire mage in my guild and im behind on dps, tho my stats are superior. im knda hoping a fresh set of eyes could notice something i havent! or even just correct me out right on something im doing wrong! Heres my armoury link for people to check me out


    hopefully someone can help before the flames die out for me!!

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    You almost have the same gear etc as my fire mage and I have the same problems.
    I can do 22k dps on a boss and not get above 14k on another.
    Its all about proc's and thats the big problem for fire mages at this points imho.

    Try to get a little more hit you have .20% too little for 17% what you need to get capped.

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    hi cant reply on fire spec but i play arcane and from the post above sounds like its alot more stable in 10 man raids normaly hold 18-20k dps bursting higher with different procs and not that well geared will link


    oh change your hit trinket to stump of time lot more hit and sp on proc

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