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Thread: 2h tanking weapon help

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    2h tanking weapon help

    Here is my armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...warrune/simple

    Any input would be nice.

    That is my only 2h weapon, I have enough conquest points to get the 2h vicious weapon, would that be a better option? I was thinking I could reforge the crit to dodge or parry.

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    Now in armory You already have Vicious but I would suggest You to use pve item with mastery. It will be -58 stamina but +202 mastery and almost same value can be reforged from Haste as from Critical on Vicious to dodge.
    Also I would recommend to recheck Reforging. 700 between dodge and parry is kinda acceptable but it can be done better with correct reforging.
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    Reforge to dodge

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