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Thread: <Condemned> LFM 10 man - Core Spots Available

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    10 Man Progression Raiding
    US | Horde | Bladefist | Daytime PT

    <Condemned> is an established raiding guild on the Bladefist server. Condemned is unique in that it has a daytime raiding schedule.

    The raid times are as follows (PT)
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    12 noon thru 3pm (PT) with invites 15 minutes prior to raid time.

    <Condemned> is a guild of mature players (most are 25+) and is focused on progression and having fun with the content. <Condemned> will consider any quality player and is open to all classes and spec, with a particular need for DPS at this time.

    For additional information or to apply, visit our website at :
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