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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - The Dungeon Journal Fiasco

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    The Dungeon Journal is like a cookbook.

    You can buy Eric Ripert's cookbook (if he has one). But I'm sure he has lots of tricks and skills that you won't have, so while you may get a good meal out of the cookbook, you won't get the meal that Eric Ripert would give you if he cooked it.

    Or, to put it another way: you can use the same guitar, strings, and amp that Stevie Ray Vaughn or Eddie Van Halen use. But no matter how much you practice, you'll never sound exactly like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Eddie Van Halen.

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    I watch marmot (and pst) b/c I find Lore humorous....and like someone before said...it's kind of like a news cast (like Aliena's 'Week in Warcraft' when she was doing it) - b/c if I sat and read all the goings - on on other sites like MMO-Champion, etc - - I could spend all day just reading!

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