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Thread: Problem with threat on multi target as frost DK tank.

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    Problem with threat on multi target as frost DK tank.

    So I saw few topics like this on forums but I dont found the good one So if we talking about single target theres no problem IT + Rune Strike generates tons of threat on target but when i pull about 6-7 mobs i have problem to keep em on me, I use DnD Howling Blast BB and every time i lose about 1-2 mobs So is here any method to raise threat gaining on multi targ or dk just sucks on multi?

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    Are you trying to tank as frost?

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    Since Cata there is only 1 dedicated tree for DK tank and it is blood, rest two trees are dps and only. So Your problem is deep in root - incorrect spec for tanking.
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    Frost tanking is FAIL post 4.0 - you are not crit immune as the talents for that are deep in blood spec. If you missed out that blood is the tank spec I assume you may also still think that frost prescence is used for tanking, while it is blood prescence now. I find it hard to see that you would not keep AoE threat with HB + DnD if you use blood prescence even if the spec is wrong. So, I suspect a double miss on your part!

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    Unless he is sub level 80. Frost tanking is fine at lower levels. Just go blood presence and pewpew howling blast. People are so quick to judge
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    I guess you're in blood presence, aren't you? With the use of only two abilities it's normal that you can't keep aoe aggro as a dk. Do you swap targets? Howling blast deals laughable initial damage nowadays to all targets besides the primary one. What's about pestilence? Do you spread blood plague at all? Are you using blood boil frequently? Death and decay + ticking frost fever doesn't cut it.

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    Tanked a lot as frost in 3.3, found it a great tanking tree. For great snap aggro on many mobs, I found DnD - Blood tap - HB - HB with HB glyph giving a good start, after which
    you'd revert to OB - OB - BB - BB. Initial multimob aggro was unrivaled IMO, with Unholy tanks coming out higher over the course of a fight but then again UH was very situational in 3.3 (H-Halion, Valithra Dreamwalker adds etc)

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    I did some clean up in this thread for obvious reasons. The thread topic is fine. Anything else involving certain..illegal ways of playing...have been removed. Do not feel insulted if your posts were removed, they probably had to do with that particular subject and we don't need any of that on the forums.

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