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Thread: Kaze/Lore SC2 Tournament: Season 2 Results!

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    updated results of the losers bracket final. grats to cdot making it into the grand finals. I promise to lose ungracefully lol

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    So you might be wondering "What's going on with the grand finals?" Well, I have an answer for you, but it's an unfortunate one.

    As you may note, the last post to this thread (which set the two players for the grand finals as being Kazey and Cdot), was made nearly a month ago. As you may also note, the original post in this thread states that each match, including the grand finals, has a week to be played before a default will be given. Over the last month, several attempts have been made to schedule the match between Kazey and Cdot to play the grand finals. Several dates/times have been set, and agreed upon by both players. In every instance, Cdot has failed to appear. Another such occurrence happened this evening. Incidentally, Cdot himself set the time for this evening's games.

    We have given Cdot a great deal of leniency in this (after all, everyone wants the grand finals to happen) but with his continued lack of appearance, combined with the fact that he defaulted previously in the winner's bracket, and the fact that his profile shows no activity in the past 3 weeks, we are unfortunately forced to take action. So, here's what will happen.

    1. Kazeyonoma takes a default victory over Cdot and is declared the winner of Kaze/Lore Invitational 2. Kazey receives his first place prize.
    2. Cdot will be given his second place victory and second place prize, with Eradin taking 3rd place.
    3. In future tournaments, rules will be set in place to discourage this sort of behavior, and ensure that the final matches will always be played. Nobody likes a tournament with no epic climax.

    We recognize that, as Kazey is one of the administrators of the tournament, this is a pretty sensitive matter. However the rules are clear, and even then we've given multiple weeks of leniency.
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    Congrats, Kazey!

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    Grats Kaze,
    Roll with the punches.

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    Could have sworn I posted this last week, but that must have been when my internet died... Anyways, congratulations Kaze! Congrats on your first place you dirty Terran.

    Congratulations to CDot on his 2nd place, and congrats to Eradin (Protoss ftw!) on 3rd place!

    Of course it would have been nice to see the finals take place, but it is what it is. It was nice that this many people gave a thought to participating. Good luck in the future!
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