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Thread: Basic Druid Tank gear question

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    Basic Druid Tank gear question

    I'm just looking into druids as a class, after playing primarily a warrior and a priest. I'm used to plate tank gear, so when I was trying to figure out how to gear a bear, I noticed a distinct lack (compete absence) of any obvious tank leather. At the very least, there isn't anything with both agility and dodge. The only thing I can think to do is to equip dps leather with mastery in every slot, and reforge the non mastery stat into dodge. For gems, I'm thinking either all stamina, or agility/stamina and mastery/stamina if the socket bonus is worthwhile. I'm just not sure if a socket bonus of agility is worth not socketing stamina. I don't think gemming for dodge would be a good idea, since I can reforge for the dodge, and agility still gives me some dodge.

    What I'm uncertain about is for the off pieces, such as jewelry and cloaks. I can either wear strength tank items, or more agility dps gear, reforging for dodge. I suppose it would be a case by case basis. An item with stamina, a blue socket with a stamina bonus, and both dodge and mastery would potentially be best in slot even without the agility, but an agility piece with mastery would still be very solid.

    Have I assessed this right? Am I missing anything important?

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    you basically want agi pieces with mastery on it with the second stat reforged to dodge. stat priority is: agi > dodge > mastery > crit = expertise > hit > haste.

    gemming depends on what your progression is. if all you do is 359 raids then agi gemming is fine. transitioning from 359 to 372 raids you want mostly stam gemming to live through some of the heroic boss abilities. once you start getting 372 gear you can start gemming those pieces with agi since the extra stam is on the item now. an agi socket bonus is always worth picking up and using either mastery/stam or agi/dodge for meta activation is your best choice.
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    Basic Druid Tank gear question

    Agility and dodge your nut off.

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