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Thread: PST - Episode 30

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    PST - Episode 30

    This week:
    0:26 - Should the Dungeon Journal only show normal modes?
    2:54 - What if Blizzard implemented a new tier of raids after heroics?
    4:59 - Does playing without sound affect my awareness?
    8:25 - What do you think of the GDKP system?
    11:14 - Why do casual guilds need loot systems?
    16:12 - How are you deciding who gets the legendary staff?
    22:25 - How can I get raiders to actually sign up for raids?
    26:11 - What do you do when people are taking too long on break?
    29:23 - Why do slower weapons do more DPS?
    33:02 - Am I a nerd for naming my kittens after my WoW characters?

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    In response to your talk of casual guilds the last couple weeks, I wish all guild leaders would listen and adhere to your wisdom, sir. thanks for sharing.

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    First of all Awesome Shirt I want one!

    Second : I would take the DJ one step further and have no raid content for the current tier until the next Patch, giving Proggression raiders thier "Discovery" and less serious raiders a chance to "Catch UP" on the older content.

    Third : TY for answering the "Tenetative question I was having a similar problem and sent a PM earlier and this will help.

    Fourth : TY for answering the slow Weapon thing. I always wondered why that was and noone could ever really give me an answer more than "it just does'. LOL

    Another great show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uranos7 View Post

    Second : I would take the DJ one step further and have no raid content for the current tier until the next Patch, giving Proggression raiders thier "Discovery" and less serious raiders a chance to "Catch UP" on the older content.
    This would completely defeat the purpose of what Blizzard said they wanted to do with the Dungeon Journal. What they want is for you to not have to alt tab out to WoWpedia, wowhead, or mmo-champion to find information that should be available in the game without having to dig through the combat log. Keeping the heroic only phases out and keeping it from telling you exactly what to do (none of the stuff like there is on Ryolith that says "Tank this guy away from the raid") but any less than that and the thing may as well not even exist. The info is going to be on the web in the first 3 weeks at most anyway (including the heroic only stuff).

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    I do not know how many of you did the ulduar PTR testing, but I have a very vivid memory of testing Ignus. Naturally we had no idea what was going on when we died so we checked our combat log. (ok maybe not so vivid after all) for some ability I cannot remember which, it basically told us what do to, I think it was inferno. Anyway when you clicked on the ability that did damage to you it said something like "drag the adds into the inferno to weaken them"

    The servers crashed shortly after and we spent the whole time waiting for them to come up just a mix of appalled and shocked that blizzard litter ally told you how to beat the fight simply by clicking on the ability you took damage from in your combat log and checking the tooltip.

    Anyway, because of that experience I am not in the least bit surprised that blizzard is putting the DJ in to raid content. That said I am a strong believer that THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY HEROIC MODE INFO IN THE DJ AT ALL

    As for a new tier of raids above heroics, I think the best solution is simply to go back to the ulduar model of hard modes. I have been thinking this for a while. ICC hard modes were so dumbed down because they tried to make a new hard mode for every single encounter. What was great about ulduar was that 1) YOU ACTUALLY HAD TO DO SOMETHING IN THE ENCOUNTER TO START THE FIGHT (ex: killing the heart on XT when it first came out). Often times this was not an easy task to achieve. The whole idea of simply switching a button on a UI to go from normal to heroic REALLY did not sit well with me in ToC and ICC and even less now. 2) Imagine if there was no hard mode magmaw like there was no hard mode ingus. That hard mode adds pretty much nothing to the normal mode version of the encounter and yet probably took a lot of manpower both in technically getting the encounter ready to QA raids to test balancing the encounter. Hard modes back in ulduar were fun and often DRASTICALLY changed the very premise of the fight (0 watcher yogg or hard mode vezax). Those made raiding fun, not fighting the same fight as normal just battling through more HP and more healing needed on the tanks.

    While some fights (like ascendant council and ODF) are radically different and add several new elements, most are either just an easy extra phase (maloriak) or just do more damage and have more health (magmaw). I will admit this tier is much better than ICC where with the exception of the LK himself and maybe 1-2 other fights, everything single fight in there was more hp + hits tank harder + no new mechanics.

    So that should be the new "legendary" tier. Stop feeling the need to make a hard mode of every single fight and concentrate on fights that lend themselves to encounter-changing hard modes with new and exciting mechanics. I realize loot would have to be handled somewhat differently as I also have made no effort to hide my disgust at how it seemed completely random as to which slots to provide a 239 item to in ulduar which cause a lot of controversy with paladins and warriors wearing full 239s by taking leather and mail and leaving clothies with almost no gear that wasn't being taken by druids. So I admit it will not be easy but if it leads to more innovation in raiding I am all for it.

    edit: WHY DO I LET MYSELF POST AT 1 IN THE MORNING! nothing good every happens when I do.

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    You can put sounds in the data folder and it substitutes for the original file, I have the beta theralion voice and also mod gun sounds (i play a hunter, gun mod was needed for my nerves)

    Also, boss talk is a different sub-section of sound than "clash/bang/swipe" et cetera. I use the "Break yourself upon my body" emote on ozruk to warn myself of paralyze (sulfuron slammer for the win)

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    I do not understand all the anger at the dungeon journal. All that it provides are pretty much the exact same things that are datamined on MMO-Champion and wowhead, and there's even some add-on in game that allows you to look up boss abilities... which is exactly what the DJ does. It tells you no more than that mod does, it doesn't tell you anything about strategy, all it tells you is what to expect, which is what good HM guilds research as they can in the first place. All this does is make it so you press a button in the game now instead of loading a webpage or addon. I do not understand why people are so pissed. Am I missing something? Not to mention, any boss tested on the PTR ALWAYS has info posted about it places when the live versions come out, and a lot of the T11 HMs were tested in beta. Idk, I'm just really not upset by this and don't understand why so many others are.

    As for sounds: I've been playing MMO's for over a decade now, and almost never play without sound unless there's an RP scene that I want to see/hear for the first time. I like to think I have really really good raid awareness and I don't think adding in sounds that, imo, would really just distract me would help my raid awareness at all. Like Lore said, brains work differently, and my brain has the visual and audio split between vent and the game itself. I don't need game sounds at all.
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    The Dungeon Journal is no big deal. You can choose not to use it if you like. The guilds who will use it, already Alt + Tab out of the game to check out the abilities on websites before, during and after the encounter.

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    I totally agree with the "1 loot per raid" system not working. We had something like that before way back in TBC, and it worked out exactly as Lore described it: People would pass on loot repeatedly, because they wanted to save their rolls for T6 or whatever, because that loot was "shinier" and a whole lot of loot was sharded because of it. Nowadays we use a straight up open roll system since we only raid 10-man and it's 90% same people every raid, so it doesn't matter who wins, because the loot stays in the group with the same people. And that's basically what it's all about.

    Every guild can use an open roll system and function properly as long as it's the same people most of the time coming back to the raid. If you have a raid group (we could say for 25-man) that consists of a core of 10-15 people and then the rest being random every week, then rolls won't work, it's unfair to your core and can hinder progress considerably. If you however have the same 30 people signing up for raid every night, then rolls work fantastic and is low maintenance. If you have 2-3 new people every raid then it's a gamble. This super-rare-mega-good item could drop and end up on one of the "one-timers" and it would totally suck, but for the rest of the time, it would work, so give it a lot of thought before you implement it.

    As for the legendary staff: It looks like at the moment that I will be the first one to get it based on certain facts we used when Valanyr and Shadowmourne was on the table, (i) the person getting it has to be an active raider, showing up for pretty much 100% of the raids, (ii) the person is someone who delivers on pretty much every raid, i.e. not someone you have to carry at all and (iii) the person has to be someone who has been in the guild for quite some time so you don't risk the person leaving for another guild. I'm the current GM (and one of the founders) and I show up for 90% of the raids and I've been constantly in the top in terms of DPS. There's another one in our group who is a strong contender for this one as well, but seeing as he plays a priest, he sometimes swaps to healer when someone is away (and I've put a lot of effort in the guild as an officer and GM for a long time) which sort of puts me on the top. Measure those 3 things and that "little extra", what people does for the guild besides raiding when determining who gets it.

    I like to picture loot as a tool, not a reward, in order for the raid/guild to progress, but legendaries are considered more as reward in terms of "thank you for your service to the guild".
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    Videos are private and can't watch them

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    Yeah those were pre-frodo Lore. I wonder what post-frodo Lore will look like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuiltyBystander View Post
    Videos are private and can't watch them
    maybe a sign for lore to revisit the topic?

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