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Thread: Warlocks - Blizzards Red Headed Step Child

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    Warlocks - Blizzards Red Headed Step Child

    So pretty much I've played locks since vanilla just before the BC release. I love the class and remember the 'glory days' when affliction locks were completely OP in BGs and would walk out with 100+ HKs just from SoC spamming.

    Now the reasoning for this post, what the other locks think of the change they made to the Drain Life spec (It wasn't really that long lasting), is the spec still viable? Are locks destined to fade into the background again?

    For those who didn't hear about the change, Blizzard nerfed warlocks drain life by 25% (121 damage to 87 or something like that).

    I know Blizzard likes to use the nerf bat on us locks, and we only really recieved what? 4 or 5 buffs since the release of cata? How do other locks deal with the constant spec changes and relearning their spell priorities.

    Anything else that could help other locks maximize their DPS in raids, heroics, etc.

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    Warlocks are Fine.

    Going off simcraft in 4.2 in BiS 359s Affdrain is 1.5% behind Affliction, thats not alot of deeps to sacrafice for the greater survivability. Do you go for max DPS or do you go for greater survivability? and that is what makes playing a class interesting, having to make decisions.
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    Agreed. Warlocks are fine. Frankly, I wish destro was still the primary spec because I prefer it. Luckily I have some viable reasons to stay destro (like replenishment for my raid).

    Aff is fine, everyone jumps off a bridge whenever they're nerfed for no reason. Seriously, warlocks are fine. I'm still destro and I do some pretty crazy DPS.
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