NOTE: I wanted to start a thread where we could discuss ideas to maximize 5 man tanking pertaining to DKs. I am sure there are many people who do not raid but are still very into min-maxing their 5 man experience. Unfortunately, most information is based on raiders and we poor hardcore casuals are brushed aside. For this thread, 5 man heroics are the only environment being discussed and we can take ZG/ZA as examples.


- Since multiple targets are the norm, how should we look at avoidance vs mastery? Is it less or more important than in a raid environment?

- What ratings/percentages are we looking to hover around for parry/dodge?

- What should hit/expertise look like? On single target bosses I can see that it isn't that big of an issue since threat is easy for DKs. But what about multiple targets? Do hit/exp become more important to get to soft cap in 5 mans? Or should we instead reforge into more avoidance?

- Any spec ideas? Here is my armory if you wanna give me advice or tear me apart.