I am not a fan of this journal at all at least for the first month or so of new content, however a friend of mind pointed one thing out to me. These same people that are complaining about the journal should also be complaining about the ptr. The fact is the world first ppl usually make the time to go on PTR and already have an idea of what they are doing, the ave guild cannot do this won't go out of their way to find ridiculous times to jump in their so the guilds that do already have advantages to world first anything. I can look now on sites like this and mmo and their are already videos to every boss before the content is even released.

So it is just weird to me that people are complaining about these journals but have no problem seeing them on ptr and already have the advantage of knowing what to and experience before most of the medium-hardcore players do.

My point is yes fine we can all fight against these journals that clearly give out too much information but at the same time the same people should be fighting against ptr's and have blizzard release the content only when it should be released.

I understand their is bugs and such but that is blizzards job to test.

Anyway just my opinion. From a medium-hardcore guild currently 10/13 heroic.. I would love to actually one day walk into content that has not been on ptr with set videos and such and learn it our selves. PTR is not really an option for me or my guild.

Any way love the Tankspot team and hearing everybody opinions. Keep it up!!