according to the new spreadsheat from WarTotem my single target rotation should be:

with 30% Bleed Debuff

SS > Rend/TC > Shockwave > Devastate

w/o 30% Bleed Debuff:

SS > Shockwave >Thunderclap > Devastate

So now I've got some questions

1. First of all do you have similar conclusions with your own stats?
  • With my stats Imp.revenge completly falls off the table making this talent and the spent 2 points in imp. revenge useless in a single target fight.
  • Further more ThunderClap brings almost 1000dps more then a devastate in a 30% bleeding debuff scenario. In the scenarion w/o the debuff TC is a fraction ahead of devastate. You could ignore it and go with a SS > SW > Dev. Rotation its almost the same.
2. I have 2 Tank Specs. One for Multitarget and the other for single target. Atm I'm specced to Safeguard but I want to change the spec for an optimized single target DPS but I'm not sure which one would be best:

I would go with this spec assuming I'm correct with point 1. (revenge is no longer viable in a single target fight)


you could also put 2 points in imp revenge and take out 2 points from Shield Spezialiation and it's a decent allround spec:

But I fear that the rage income would be too low. Has anyone experience with this spec?

3. If you got thru the logs from WOL DPS rankings ( I choose valiona and theralion) :


you will notice they don't priorize the abilties like the spreadsheet suggests and still ending top.

For instance none of the players who is ranked 1-10 uses Rend. Rank 2 don't uses rend even they had the +30% bleed debuff moreover he uses concussion blow which confueses me even more.

Do I miss something?

thx for the help