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Thread: warrior advice

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    warrior advice

    hi this is my character
    i know i have some pvp gear but is it really that much of a diffrence that im getting hit like a truck tanking regs
    any and all advice is needed and welcomed

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    9.59% dodge
    10.9% parry
    37.65% block

    59% dodge/parry/block - 41% of hits are coming in unmitigated. You are getting hit hard.

    One of your rings, Shoulders, gloves, and pants give you zero surviability.

    You have way to much hit/exp and no reforging/enchanting and your gemming is not right.

    But it is all fixable.

    A) Shoulders, gloves, and pants - replace the PVP gear with nearly anything else. You'll lose some HP and a small bit of armor, but really the difference in armor is minimal in effect. And the stamina is just a bigger HP pool that needs to be healed up.

    B) Gemming:
    Yellow = 40 mastery
    Prismatic = 40 mastery
    DPS bonus (hit/crit/haste/etc) = 40 Mastery
    Blue = 20 mastery / 30 stam
    Red = 20 mastery / 20 parry

    C) Enchants - If you're serious about tanking then there is no excuse for not enchanting item level 346 gear with sub-maelstorm enchants. And even 333 gear because the enchants are relatively cheap for the 2nd tier.

    D) You have ten pieces of gear with no mastery on them. Every piece of gear needs to have mastery at your item level.
    D1) Reforge to mastery first, if the gear has mastery reforge to parry.
    D2) Reforge away from crit first, haste second, hit 3rd, expertise 4th, dodge 5th, and parry 6th. Meaning if you're choosing between expertise and dodge for example, reforge the expertise to mastery first.

    E) Your spec is needs work up.

    Okay, I could keep going, but you're looking like you're going to for CTA tanking? I know it's a big read, but tanking is a big job, read the primer in my signature (it's not perfect, I have mistakes in there others have caught below) and re-gem, reforge, and regear what you can. At that point you should be in pretty good shape.

    If you have questions after reading about rotation, placement, cooldown usage, etc.

    People can offer suggestions in addition to what I've posted, but in reality, you need to research a lot more so you understand why we're making these suggestions. I know learning to tank is hard - I still remember being fail tank being carried by the great pally MTs I ran with - but that's what we're here for. Read the primer, and then ask specific questions and we'll get you squared away

    Now lets retrofit you into a proper WarTank
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    hows it look now?

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    Looks halfway decent. Still missing 4 enchants, a belt buckle and 3 JC gems. One point you might want to keep in mind you want your parry a bit higher then dodge cause of hold the line about 300-600 rating higher for your gearlevel.

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    What Bigbad said.

    The good - no more PvP/DPS gear outside of the gun, but until you can get Thundercall (I think that's the name) from H VP, it's a sore spot.

    Watch your gear, 346 gear with Mastery/(Dodge/parry) > 353 gear with (Dodge/parry) / (hit/exp). Just keep an eye out as you start running troll heroics.

    Still need more gear with mastery on it by default. 6/17 slots have latent mastery. As you run, look for gear with mastery. 44.78% block is still low. Especially with purples.

    Remember to reforge everything to mastery - including your trinkets (finger is pure parry, reforge to mastery).

    Enchant 346 gear. There simply is no excuse for not gemming/enchanting 346 gear unless you know you're going to buy an upgrade tomorrow. You'll use it for a while. Heck, I was still running with 346 gloves while tanking hardmode raids. Enchant, enchant, enchant . It's okay to use the cheaper, non-maelstorm alternative. But you're leaving a lot of survability, probably equal to 2 to 3 pieces of gear from not enchanting your helm, shoulders, wrists, legs, not putting the belt buckle in your belt, and not using your 3 JC gems.

    Gems are still off.

    Red is 20 parry/20 mastery, not 20 parry/30 stam.
    Gem for tanking socket bonuses (shoulder)
    Blue = 20 mastery/30 stam, not 60 stam or 20 parry/30 stam.

    You're okay not having more stamina, honestly. You need to get your mastery up, that will help more than stamina. Pretty much every tank here was tanking raids will less unbuffed health than you have :-)

    But I had about 6% more mastery.


    And again to re-iterrate what Bigbad said - WarTanks want more Parry rating than Dodge rating. At 1500 mastery rating, it's not a big difference, say Parry 300 more than dodge - I think Bigbad's estimate is right here. But as you gain more mastery, the gap will widen. For example, Koji ran the numbers and at 2400 mastery rating, you'll want parry 800 rating ahead of dodge.

    It's because of the buff Hold the Line gives to block, which makes parry > dodge for warriors.
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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