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Thread: What's the best way to go about this...

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    What's the best way to go about this...

    Last '09, I've been in this Suramar guild called Pinnacle. Was recruited by a guy named Xolhor. Anyway, it seemed fine at the start until us members noticed something weird
    - he doesn't promote ranks (no officer, only him as leader)
    - he kicks members when he sees them online, but they are doing something else (i.e. he wants to do a dungeon, but the member is in WG)
    - he holds scheduled toon meetings in IF (kicks you if you don't attend 2x).. and we have a web forum
    - he lets you work hard and asks you for repair gold, but there is no increase in rank/compensation
    - asks people to contribute to bank every day

    Now, some of us have started to voice our disappointment and/or leave, but I stayed it out. It became unbearable when he decided to make it a raiding guild and start recruiting level 80s and he forgot about the core members. He was also strict with raiding (4x a week).

    And then he up and left. We just noticed our guild tags were missing as was the items in our guild bank.

    One of our guys tracked him down and he server transferred to Kaelthas (IIRC). And confronted him. He said he was sick of Suramar and wanted to start anew here.. saying also that he wasn't interested in guild leading. He was also evading the guild bank and gold questions. Apparently we all concluded that he was just doing a guild to further his own character and have a ready grp for instances and raids.

    Now fast-forward to today. The guy is back and he restarted his guild (along with a new webpage). I have no plans of joining, of course.. but I am concerned with the new recruits who don't know his style. Apparently he is like a Hailey's comet. Makes Pinnacle, leaves, makes it again with a new roster. Anyway, I just don't want the new players to be disappointed if ever it is their first guild and then all their hard work goes to waste. I know it's the internet and we shouldn't really mind, but I don't want naive players being manipulated to further a person's agenda. It could also be related to home life, I guess (with my dad leaving my mom after he got all my grandpa's inheritance money and leaving us in the dirt)

    Sorry for the drama.

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    not much you can do other than let his new "slaves" know what his normal deal is.

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    I would say as a member of your server community you should do everything possible to to let potential recruits know about this fools methods. If he's recruiting in trade, pipe up and say something. If you have any buddies from that time still around who can back you encourage them to say something as well.

    Also you could try creating a forum post about the issue on your server forum, if you have any evidence to back claims, (website/emails etc), put that up there. As with the above encourage other, 'victims', to post on your topic.

    Yes there might be some drama and flaming from this approach but at the end of day you might help some people from getting exploited.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think there's any recourse through Blizzard to get your items back and such from the guild bank. All you can do is warn his future victims.
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    Personally, I believe that the vast majority of people dont' learn fire is hot unless they put their hand in it. Most you can do is warn.

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