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Thread: What warrior dps spec for an offtank?

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    What warrior dps spec for an offtank?


    I off-tank in a 10 man raid group. We're still on normal content and theres a lot of 1 tank fights so I have to dps for those. I've played around with all the specs but I wonder which is less gear-dependent out of SMF, TG, and Arms so that while my gear may be a bit behind the top (since I'm last roll on plate dps gear), I can still be competitive. Also I wonder if maybe arms is better because it provides more raid buffs/debuffs to a 10 man (plus aoe).

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    Arms has actually pulled ahead of SMF and TG in DPS potential, and requires only a single weapon. Plus, as you said, higher AoE. The reality is whichever spec you're most comfortable with will be the best spec unless you go to the length to learn the spec rotation.
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