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Thread: Fury Warrior gameplay (keybinds/macros/etc)

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    Fury Warrior gameplay (keybinds/macros/etc)

    Hey all, so my question is about the actual physical gameplay when playing a fury warrior. I use bartender as one on of my addons, and use the rotation described in various forums on this site. I probalby use my mouse to click on at least 2 or 3 of the abilitys during a dps rotation whether it's on a training dummy or actual raid fight. I've just always done this, but now I'm wondering if I should not be clicking and rather pressing a key for each ability or if it even matters. One of the main reasons I put this out here is that I've seen various people on my server and in the forums on here put out 20k plus dps on a raid target dummy or actual fight when I'm still at around 16-17k most of the time. I then inspect my gear/talents/enchants/reforging compared to those players and quite often it is 99% the same. So I figure it could involve a gameplay issue? Anyways, hope that all makes sense and I look forward to any advise. Thanks!

    quick edit on here i thought may or may not matter - my keyboard is a basic keyboard, not one of the gaming ones I've seen, and the mouse i use is a logitech which does have 5 extra buttons i believe, but's it's not an actual 'gaming' mouse, i believe it's one of logitechs more ergonomic products they put it. Wasn't sure of that information made a difference or not.

    armory link-
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    one thing i would suggest on the reforge on your Axe, i would change the hit to mastery, i would also look at changing the License to SLay trinket out to maybe the one from TB (Impatience of Youth) it is easy to get, or either Crushing Weight or Fury of Angerforge,, i noticed on armory you have 9% hit, so in game you have 12% you could theoretically drop some hit and be ok, my gear is no way as good but noticed a big difference when going from 9-10 points in mastery,, i also noticed that you are only sitting at i believe it said 6.98,,

    here is links on the trinkets i mention

    Crushing Weight

    Fury of Angerforge

    Impatience of Youth

    could even try Darkmoon Card: Hurricane

    though i would go more for the mastery one,, you can also build a macro to use the trinket along with recklesness and deathwish and use it during Hero/Timewarp

    if you do not want to exchange trinkets because you like the proc buff, then i would like at your reforging, like with Neck , Back Chest and Helm reforge the haste to mastery instead of Hit, on the Gloves and both Rings restore the Mastery and turn the Haste to Crit, with the gloves doing that would give you more Crit also, and on the Bracers turn the Expertise to Mastery instead of Hit,,

    this is just my opinion,, i know others here might Differ from me,,

    i am only saying this cause i am seeing the same dps as you with far inferior gear in a lot of my slots

    but that aside you are looking for keybinds,, to i personally tend to build macros, normally applying two to 4 actions in a sequence per macro, then applying to macros to my main keys,, with addons like bartender you can preset each button to coinincide with a specific key and can arrange them to your liking
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    Clicking = bad.

    It could keep up back in the day because the data from your key strike sent when the key was released not depressed. Blizzard has since changed this mechanic. I use a rather strange key binding and it will have to be something that you design and get use to yourself. In the long run however, it works out much better for not only your dps, but your overall awareness and nimbleness in the raid.
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    Clicking is bad, though your explaination of why is actually quite a ways off. In terms of performance it is actually significantly better today than it used to be. Performance differential between keyup versus keydown events can be ignored because of the spell queueing system. So the fact that mouse input is always bound to keyup (because keydown can be used to initiate a selection, keyboard doesn't have a dragging mechanic, the final result of a mouse action can never be determined just by the keydown event). As far as simply executing a DPS rotation is concerned, clicking can perform identically to using keyboard buttons because of the spell queueing system. It's in the greater dynamic of gameplay that clicking falls behind. Because the mouse is the ideal method of camera control and steering, whenever camera control or steering mode is enabled the mouse cursor is disabled meaning you can not click on buttons while doing this. Where as you could still use keyboard buttons while mouse steering. This increases performance by delegating functions to their ideal components. Mouse turning is ideal, and because clicking can't be done while mouse turning keyboard buttons are ideal for executing actions.
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