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Thread: Looking to see if I am on the right path

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    Looking to see if I am on the right path

    Hi all!

    So i have been reading the forums and, although some of the stuff is outdated, I can see that mastery plays a huge part in a warrior protection spec these days. I recently have been making some changes but I want to know if I am on the right path. Your opinions would be very welcome and I thank you in advance for them.


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    Overall, your block is low at sub 50%, you can improve this primarily by finding tanking gear without hit/exp and regemming.

    Gemming: You're in 346s, so mastery is still going to be your primary gearing design.
    Yellow = 40 Mastery
    Prismatic = 40 Mastery
    DPS Bonus = 40 Mastery (this would be hit/exp/haste socket bonuses)
    Red = 20 Parry / 20 Mastery
    Blue = 20 Mastery / 30 Stam

    Head needs the enchant
    Wrists need dodge - precision is never a good option.

    If you're going to go for max mastery in reforging out of survival stats instead of threat for max mastery in the head and neck, you should do it for the shoulders too. You're inconsistent here in other places too.

    Gearing - DPS trinket is not great. The TB trinket, broken mirrors would be better.
    Overall you 7 pieces of gear with hit or expertise on them, this is way too much.

    You've reforged dodge to parry when possible and left parry along when the item had mastery but your dodge and parry rating is nearly equal. This goes back to having the 7 pieces with threat stats. Now, the wrists are BiS sub raiding, so that's not bad, but you have too much hit/exp elsewhere.

    You do want parry > dodge and the gap wider the more mastery you have because of Hold the Line.


    Spec - look okay

    Glyphs - I'd actually change out 2/3 major and your enduring victory minor.

    Major - you should probably run cleaving and thunderclasp (love the extra distance on TC) - then shockwave versus something else is more of a personal choice to me.

    Minor - replace the enduring victory glyph with demo shout now. Demo glyph is the only really required minor glyph.


    Before you raise them too much more... Herbalism and Inscription aren't great for tanks. BS/JC would be better, but there might be other reasons for this.


    Overall, everything looks close. There are things to improve all over the place, but you've got mostly 346 gear, mostly tanking at that and the reforging, while inconsistent does look to max mastery.

    Still 2 more rep epic (back and boots) and 3 crafted (if you've got a BS alt with spare orbs), but while I may have made it seem that way, there's really nothing glaring that comes out.

    Good luck :-)
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