So I want to get some serious thoughts from serious progression frost dks. I understand that Elitist Jerks' forum on frost dk stated that DW frost dks are VERY slightly ahead of 2hander frost dks. But I've also noticed on, most of the top frost dk dps are 2hander, not dw. Is it the fact that 1 372 ilvl 2hander is easier to get than 2 372 ilvl 1handers, and that's why most dks are 2hand frost? Or the difference is so small that it doesn't even matter dw or 2hander?

I also noticed that in DW, I tend to starve on runic power some time. And back when I used a 2hander I rarely starve on RP (due to Might of the Frozen Wastes; 45% chance on autoattack would give 10 RP)

So please give me some serious thoughts on this topic.