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Thread: [A] US-PST Marshmallow Underground of Nordrassil 2/13 25 LF Mage, Warlock

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    [A] US-PST Marshmallow Underground of Nordrassil 2/13 25 LF Mage, Warlock

    Marshmallow Underground
    Server: Nordrassil Time Zone: PST
    Website: www.MarshmallowUnderground.net
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/darthhobbit19

    About us
    Marshmallow Underground is a 25 man raiding guild on the Nordrassil server. We pride ourselves on the commitment to teamwork. We enjoy raiding at a high level and are continuously pushing ourselves to be better than the day before. We have a laid back atmosphere and a great group of people inside and outside of raiding.

    Raiding Schedule
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Time: 7:30-10pm PST

    BWD: 6/6 (1/6 Heroic)
    BOT: 4/4 (1/5 Heroic)
    Throne: 2/2 (0/2 Heroic)

    Current Needs
    We have an immediate need for the following Roles. If you class is not listed please apply anyway we take a fair look at everyone’s application if we feel you might be able to improve our team we want you.
    To apply click here-> http://www.marshmallowunderground.net/application.html

    Loot Policy
    Loot is distributed by way of loot council. Things we take into consideration when distributing loot are: Attendance, Performance, Size of upgrade, Attitude. Raiders get priority on gear over raider subs, tryouts and members. We distribute loot via loot council because we feel that it is the best way to strengthen the raid as a whole.
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