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Thread: Warrior Fury Trinkets

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    Warrior Fury Trinkets

    As a Fury Warrior I already have License to Slay and Heart of Rage but just tonight Fury of Angerforge dropped in our BWD run and I managed to finally get my hands on this elusive trinket. As I looked at it more closely I realized it's basically the same trinket as Heart of Rage only with a 'use on command' effect and it has crit instead of exp. This got me wondering which is actually better. If the difference is negligible i'd rather sell the trinket for a tidy profit instead of equip it.

    So I guess my question is what ilvl 359 trinkets are BiS for Fury Warriors as of 4.1? Also, can Fury of Angerforge and Heart of Rage be used together, as in do their effects stack?

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    I believe FoA and HoR are BiS for warriors. And yes, their effects can stack.

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