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Thread: Help with dk tanking 5 man heroic

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    Help with dk tanking 5 man heroic

    hey guys recently come back to wow after a long spell just a few questions on tanking 5 mans on my dk, i wont be raiding due to work so 5 man heroics is my only fun lol just wanting to no best spec line to go down, also whats the most important stat to stack dodge exp mastery or parry or if someone can let me no what caps to aim for pretty new to tanking as well so learning alot everyday so any other advice os very very welcome thanks peeps

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    The best way would be to go to EJ and read everything.
    I assume You know only tanking spec now is Blood and DS heal and gives Blood Shield that absorbs dmg for amount healed+mastery
    There are still huge debate on what stats DK should prefer but if You are going only 5 man heroics I guess both avoidance and mastery should be used.
    So first of all - forget about stamina gems. Remove, delete, sell or whatever You want, just don't use them.
    Meta - Austere Shadowspirit Diamond (stamina + armor)
    Red/Yellow - Fine Ember Topaz (parry + mastery)
    Blue - Puissant Dream Emerald (mastery + stamina)

    Expertise keep at 17 for holding agro without any problems
    Hit mostly ignored but its up to player, how comfortable he feels.

    Dodge / Parry now have same Diminishing returns so keep them as close as possible

    Mostly You will use only 5 spells - Rune strike (main TPS); Heart Strike (Blade Barrier); Death Strike (heal+bs); Icy Touch (debuff) Plague Strike (debuff). Of-course DnD, DG etc But its more situational / aoe.

    That should cover mostly You should know for starting
    If at first you don't succeed, you are running about average

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    I would read Satorri's guide before going to EJ, EJ is set for end game raiding and skips a lot of what you need to know for beginners.


    Post your armory here and we can have a look at your gear. Read the above thread and come back with questions about certain rotations or specific mechanics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darksend View Post
    Best bet also is find 2-3 healers you know to q with and tell them to forget everyone else and just keep you alive.

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