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Thread: Warlock PvP

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    Warlock PvP

    Hey there, I have been leveling a warlock and she is currently 72... Have been playing around with Destro and Affliction for both in pvp.... I've heard that warlocks make great pvp classes but in both specs man am i squishy! I am probably doing things way wrong... Is there anyone here that has websites to browse that give tips. I probably am using the main spells for each spec but what are they in a pvp setting for most used on down? And is there a semi type of priority system for the different specs?
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    get resilience gear... you'll probably want to go aff for pvp... apparently they're getting buffed in 4.2 but aren't very good right now.

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    Cynwise's Battleground Manual is most excellent for BGs and for Warlocks. Find the warlock subsection. Warlockery, Macros, and a good discussion of simplifying keybinds. Good discussion of CC (crowd control). On the old WoW forums Dusk had a nice article on 'How to Battleground' and though it is no longer on the WoW forums, I stumbled across it archived somewhere, then lost it again
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