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Thread: Needing Fire mage instead of Arcane

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    Needing Fire mage instead of Arcane

    I am currently raiding with an Arcane mage. Right now I have frost as my off-spec and am going to be trying out fire.
    My raid leader told me that for Halfus, Maloriak, and Conclave I need to be in Fire.

    I have done some looking around and searching and can not find any reference to this need, I am wondering if anyone else has heard this and if it is in fact true.

    If it is please link or explain why because I would really like to know.

    And if it is the case for any other fights I would greatly appreciate knowing as well.

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    In general: it depends on your setup and how you handle things. If your raid is already high on strong aoe classes they probably won't need another one.

    - Arcane isn't that bad on Halfus, especially if you free the whelps early and don't benefit from the damage multiplier while spreading.
    - For Maloriak fire is pretty strong with at least one (heroic up to four) bombing phases.
    - Conclave: depends on your job. Arcane is so much butter at bursting the wind shield (heroic) but if you have to kill the adds the better aoe capabilities outpass arcane easily.
    - Cho'gall: unless you run with numerous sv hunter and frost dk you want to play fire.

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    If a fight requires any amount of AoE nuking fire will be better. So Halfus, Maloriak, conclave, cho'gall. Arcane will probably also suffer if you need to be constantly on the move (ascendant council P2(+3), V&T (P2 strat dependant), Atramedes, Al'akir.

    Quick example: our fire mage pretty much handles the whelps at halfus (10h) on his own, he does nearly 280k dps for the first 20 seconds of the fight.

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    Needing Fire mage instead of Arcane

    I was getting bored with arcane at the end of wrath. Decided to try fire in cata and thought questing / dungeons while leveling with fire would teahc me faster. Turns out, I didn't really start to "get" fire until after 85 and I had already gatered some gear.

    Respecimg to fire and hitting the dummy, with or without a rotation helper, will probably not be enough. What I do with my fire priorities is the same as when I started - it just works MUCH better now. It really seems that with fire you need a LOT of work on it to start seeing your real potential. Repetition and lots of it makes the "rotation" work much better.

    In the end, fire does better for me now all the time and really outshines on AoE or movement, which there's TONs of in the raids. Added bonus, once my priorities tightened up enough, I enjoy playing fire more than I ever did arcane. When I do good dps, I know it's skill.
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