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Thread: 4.1 Zul'Aman Bear Run Video Guide!

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    4.1 Zul'Aman Bear Run Video Guide!

    Hello! This is the first guide I have made. With the reintroduction to Zul'Aman and the Bear Run I felt it was a fun idea to create this video guide. I would very much appreciate criticism or comments!

    A little info on this video

    1) Travel time is sped up.
    2) Combat is in real time!
    3) Flasks and Potions are not used. To get faster results use these!
    4) Captions and tips are inserted throughout the video.
    5) This is not our fastest kill (7 mins left). It is perhaps our slowest kill so far (3 mins left)!
    6) We are in full raid gear. Only partially 372. I have come to the conclusion that you can complete this in full Troll 353 gear very comfortably with the use of Lust, Pots, and Flasks.

    Since 4.1 released our guild has attained about 15-18 Bears. We did not use the mass rez spell ever and only obtained our bears legit. Many videos up for this bear run possess extremely high dps, optimal group compositions, and/or non-optimal pulls and routes. I do not claim this video to be the ultimate guide. There may be more optimal ways of kill orders. However, this is what we've found to be extremely successful. This may be useless to "pro" players. However, this was made for the average player to learn how to succeed in a realistic manner.

    Again, we are not running an optimal composition. We do not use Potions and Flasks. We also are not running full 372 gear. This video is a demonstration that the ZA Bear Runs are obtainable by players with moderate gear levels.

    Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think.

    I hope that this guide is useful to someone.

    Written Segment: This segment does not replace the video but supplements it. Please watch the video as well.


    1) Flasks, Potions, Feasts, and the Archeology buff all help.
    2) Designate a CCer
    3) Designate someone to watch out for Scouts during the trash from Bear to Dragonhawk

    The Gate Unlocks

    1)Have the tank run out first. These are non-elites that will rend and hamstring but won't do too much damage.
    2)Make sure to skip the initial pat. You can get lucky and rush left. However, sometimes you must wait to skip this pat.

    The Gauntlet

    1)Kill the caster first. He can heal.
    2)Rush through this gauntlet as quickly as possible. Some find it easy to move to the next pack as soon as the caster is dead.
    3)Pulling the big add on the stairs stops reinforcements from spawning (after one more wave). Pull him asap to stop the gauntlet from continuously spawning.

    The Eagle Boss

    1)Do not waste to much time replenishing mana on your healer. You can pull at 75% mana and he will reach 100% drinking as you pull.
    2)Have ranged dps kill the white birds. If you have one melee dps, it can stay on the boss. If you have two melee dps, you may want to have one assist in downing that bird if possible.
    3)If you have Heroism/Lust/Time Warp use it asap. Heroism/Lust/Time Warp will be back for Dragonhawk.
    4)Do not loot the boss just mount up

    Trash (Eagle to Bear)

    1)Skip that initial pat again by going through the gathering of nuetral trolls towards the center of the instance.
    2)Going near the door initiates a group of 3 trolls. Kill the 2 Axe Throwers first.
    3)Upon reaching the stairs kill the Medicine Man and his totems first. Then kill the axe thrower.
    4)Stun Riders before they reach 30% and they will not split into 2 mobs – this saves time.
    5)The last pull has an Axe Thrower and a Medicine man. CC the Axe Thrower and kill the Medicine man first. Then kill the bears. If you do not have CC kill the Axe Thrower before the bears.

    The Bear Boss

    1)Have a designated order for those eating the charge. You will need to eat 3 charges during his bear form.
    Trash (Bear to Dragonhawk)
    1)Kill all scouts first always
    2)Kill all Flame Casters next. If you CC a Flamecaster, his next Fireball Nova is near instant. You can avoid this by breaking the cc and then stunning him a split second later. Keep Flame Casters interrupted and disabled.

    The Dragonhawk Boss

    1)Option 1: Let half of the eggs spawn naturally then burn the boss so the other half come at once. This is much safer. However, it is at the sacrifice of time.
    2)Option 2: Burn the boss and let all dragonhawks come at once. This saves a ton of time. However, it can be scary and very risky. Only do this if you are extremely behind schedule and need to make up for it.

    Trash (Dragonhawk to Lynx)

    1)Skip the patrol and go up the stairs. Jump off the ledge towards the pack of lynx. If you stun the big lynx it will not stun you.
    2)Skip the gator patrol by going through the river. Water walking is amazing here. Once you are passed the patrol you may get back on land for travel speed's sake.
    3)There are 3 packs of stealthed lynx ahead. It is pretty safe to pull two at once.
    4)The final trash pack has 2 trolls that need to be interrupted during “Domesticate”. I personally CC one and burn the other.

    The Lynx Boss

    1)Take him out of Water Totem but have your party stand in it.
    2)All dps ignores adds and totems. The tank can stun the add and kill the lightning totem.
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    Thanks not sure im ready for a timed run yet but this most certainly gave me tips
    so thanks for that

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    I have added a written segment that should be seen as a supplement to the video guide. BUT NOT A REPLACEMENT! Thank you for the comment.

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    I really like your UI! Mind posting your addons? Ty!

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    I just wanna give a tip...
    @ 10:42 you should consider pulling the pack to the right behind the wall which have 3 mobs that are easier and faster to kill than the left pack, correct me if i'm wrong but i always pulling the pack to the right.

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    Super late to the party, but I've been off WoW for awhile.

    Love this guide! Showing it to my buddies tonight and going for it.
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