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Thread: Mod to display raid debuffs by type?

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    Mod to display raid debuffs by type?

    I'm looking for a way to display mob debuffs by category.

    That is, I want to know that a 20% attack speed debuff is applied whether it's my Thunderclap, or a DK's frost fever. I'd rather not have a separate spot for each debuff that causes the effect.

    Basically, I want three conditional icons on my screen that appear when the Sunder, Thunderclap, and Demo Shout debuff categories are applied with time remaining, regardless of who applied them and what debuff is filling the role.

    Does anyone know of anything that can do this? Power Auras can't as far as I can tell, and none of the buff addons I've looked at seem capable either (Elkano's, SBF).

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    Utopia does what you are asking for however hasn't been updated in some time so I am unaware if it still functions correctly.

    I also believe Power Auras could be set up to do the conditional testing however you need to define the condition yourself.

    Also, there is a thread specifically dedicated to asking questions like this.
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