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Thread: Hermes: The great messenger of your raid's cooldowns

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    Hermes: The great messenger of your raid's cooldowns


    Hermes tracks your raid's cooldowns, and displays them using configurable buttons or bars. What's unique about Hermes is it's ability to tell you who "does" and "does not" have a particular cooldown available. If you're a raid leader, healer, tank or anyone who has to coordinate cooldowns, you'll appreciate the approach Hermes takes.

    Curse Link:
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    *mind blown*

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    Amazing mod. When this is polished it will be mandatory in my guild for tanks/healers.

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    Thanks, it's slowly coming along.

    I just pushed beta3 which fixes the fact that I forgot to account for Battlefields. Also adds a couple spell hiding options (hide spells with no senders for example)

    Couple other bug fixes.

    It's fairly stable but needs more use to find more bugs. There's only so much I can do with two accounts and a few people to help

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    Yah, the real problem is that you need everyone to have it, which I know is unavoidable.

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    Beta5 released, check home page

    I put a lot of time into this and tested as best as I could considering. I anticipate a few UI issues here and there with hopefully no more than a handful of serious issues. I'd like to say this release is "rock solid" but honestly, when you use it, you'll see how much Hermes has changed over the last week.

    Again, I expect some issues. Hopefully nothing disastrous!

    • Multiple button containers (create as many as you need)
    • Drag and drop buttons between containers (tip: middle mouse button will instantly move a button to it's prior container if it had one.)
    • Tic Tacs! a.k.a something that sounds more fun than "player name bars". Dive into the Tic Tacs tab in the Container config to play around with them. Tic Tacs are intended to be a way to immediately view who has something available. It prevents the need to rely on the tooltip. Note that each container has it's own Tic Tac settings.
    • Take advantage of the individual container settings and the middle mouse button to move buttons during combat!
    • Much better defaults for new profiles. In fact, if you don't mind losing your prior saved spells you may wish to consider resetting your profile to pick up the new defaults (or delete the "welcome" value in your lua config).
    • Much improved support for adding new item cooldowns. Hermes will allow you to add the item even if it doesn't know it's name yet (it's a Blizzard thing). Hermes will periodically check while your game is running to find the actual names. This allows you to use it right away. Note: still requires itemid if not something in your inventory.
    • Added basic slash commands /hermes

    This screenshot says a lot of the story I hope. I just mashed three differently styled containers together and took a screenshot.

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    It sure is appealing to the eyes :O

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    Looks cool and seems to have many of the features I'd expected from ora3. Does it handle the new mechanism for battle rezes? (ie. in 10 man you get 1? in 25 man you get 3? per combat I believe).

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    There's nothing in it for the new BR changes. I'm taking the "wait and see" approach. I expect NOT to have Hermes track it as I suspect there are going to be some great addons out there that do it more simply. For example, I have no doubt someone will make a LibDataBrokers style addon that just shows a "1/3" indicator.

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    Bumping an old post, tons of changes over the months. I updated the main post. Check it out!

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    Hermes v2.3 released:

    I've also updated the tutorial videos, it's probably worth checking out even if you're familiar:
    Walkthrough: Hermes Overview
    Walkthrough: GridButtons view
    Walkthrough: CooldownBars view
    Walkthrough: Using the GridBars view to monitor Raid Cooldowns

    Major Feature Summary
    • Merge spells capability (many spells can be treated as one)
    • Better out of the box Spell Monitor support (cooldowns, adjustments, and requirements are provided by Hermes.)
    • Enable/disable containers (hide containers you don't need until later)
    • Filter players (ignore groups 6-8, offline players, etc.)
    • Any given spell can now exist in multiple containers (or none at all).
    • Significantly more bar configuration options.
    • Proper ButtonFacade implementation (with Masque support as well).
    • Improved configuration screens.
    • Added Duration Timer for CooldownBars and GridBars views.
    • Additional default spells added.
    • UI Architecture overhaul (see below)

    UI Architecture Changes
    • The old UI has been replaced by the new UI, affectionately named "UI".
    • Drag and Drop has been removed. Spells are now ordered via the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
    • Spells are no longer limited to a single container, nor are they required to exist in any containers. This is also configured in the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
    • Containers now have views. Views control how a container displays itself. Each view has it's own configuration settings.
    • A Container only has one active view, but you can change it's view at any time. Change the view in the "Container" tab of a container.
    • The three views available today are:
      • CooldownBars: This is a direct replacement for "LightUI". If you were a fan of LightUI, this is the view you'll want to use.
      • GridButtons: This is the default button style view that current users are familiar with. Spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.
      • GridBars: A highly customizable spell bar view, spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.

    Note: If you need the old UI, you can find it in the Hermes folder under a separate folder called Hermes-LegacyUI. Just move this folder into your addons folder, and enable the addon in the Blizzard addon list.

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