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Thread: Fury Warrior DPS Question

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    Fury Warrior DPS Question

    Hey all, this is my first post and I'm glad to finally be a part of this site!

    I currently have a fury warrior, here is the link to my armory:


    First off, are there any changes in general ya'll would suggest I make to increase my dps. Secondly, I'm curious what my mastery and crit rating should be at. I do quite well in the new raid encounters in guild runs - recount shows between 16K-17K dps, but sometimes it drops down to 13K or so. I know my rotations quite well. I'm open to any and all advice to improve my overall dps and gameplay and I knew this was the place to go!!!! Oh and I have read through the forum posts prior to this, I'm not trying to be lazy and not research. I just felt it would be beneficial to post my armory and get any and all feedback whether good or bad to get my dps up even more! Thanks in advance and thank you for such an awesome site!!!!
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    This will probably be better answered in the Halp section of our forums, thus I moved it over to there. You'll get more people to answer your questions here.

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