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Thread: How do I top healing parses as a Disc Priest?

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    How do I top healing parses as a Disc Priest?

    So my RL and some of my druid healing colleagues have been berating me because I always come in behind the druids on our parses. I have retorted with the fact that much of my attention seems to need to go to tanks. Indeed, my observation has been, if I lose focus on tanks and try to top meters, tanks die. But according to my RL he's "sick of seeing the same person(s) (i.e. druids) on top of the meters/parses" and my druid friends cite the WOL rankings, showing me in fact, disc/holy priests are (or were) topping the parses on most of the heroic ranks.

    Personally, I'm happy with my numbers and as our healing class lead, I'm content to assign myself to the toughest and often less glorious assignments (like healing the Nef tank on P1 and the add tank on P3 of the encounter).

    However, if there's something I'm missing, I'd really like to know it. PLEASE HALP!

    Recent Parses:







    Armory Link:


    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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    WoL ranking are pretty innaccurate, as most of the top ones are under very special circumstances (i.e. getting a bajillion Innervates and Tides so you can do nothing but spam bubbles all fight long).

    Also, your guildies sound like d-bags (no offense). Why are they getting mad at you when you're 3rd or 4th by a slim margin, when they could be getting mad at the Holy Pallies or Resto Sham who are way the hell behind? If they reply "well the Holy Pallies are tank healing" then say "hurr durr so am I", and if they retort than Resto Shamans are underpowered you should laugh at them. (Yes, Resto Shamans need some cooldowns but they are perfectly capable of performing well on the meters.)

    That's not to say you don't have room for improvement, naturally. I see you using Flash Heal more than Penance, and hardly touching Greater Heal. Hurricane is a poor enchant for a healer (use Heartsong until you can afford Power Torrent), you need some trinkets with static Intellect (Jar and Mandala are both very weak for Disc unless you're desperately running OOM). You need the Int/max mana meta gem, and 50 int to bracers is way better than 65 haste.

    The biggest thing I see is your spec. Borrowed Time is a baseline must-have, and Inspiration is similarly valuable if you ever have to help out with the tanks which, according to your post, is definitely the case. You could take points out of Train of Thought (only useful if you cast GHeal a lot, which you don't according to the logs), Strength of Soul (okay talent, but extremely useful for H Maloriak), Darkness (haste is okay but not do-or-die), or a point out of Empowered Healing (you seem to be mostly a raid healer, so this wouldn't be a bad choice). Or, you could just drop Atonement altogether to grab all the other stuff you want. I flip-flop between two PvE Disc specs quite often depending on the fights we're working on :-P

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    I agree with sebadoh.

    Healing meters dont mean anything when its all said and done. Healing is a group effort. as long as no one is dieing because of you, there is no real problem. Latency also has a lot to do with getting high on healing meters. With as much raid healing as your guild has, snipe healing is the only way youre going to get up on top as disc, and i wouldnt recomend wasting the mana.

    if they keep bitching about it. throw some logs from vodka or some other top guild in their face, they all look pretty similar to your logs.. other than the crappy shammy and pally you guys got there.

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    at the end of the day helign meters mean FUCK SHIT ALL if you're killing the fight.

    the priests that top as disc are on the raid spamming shields with external mana cd's.

    tank healing doesnt give massive HPS like in wrath where oyu jsut spammed your big heal 1000000000000000000 times.

    im a holy paladin and im always tnak healing.

    i top mneters for one reason on our runs.

    i know that if i raid heal aswell i can keep the tank up with beacon.
    so i just raid heal my ass off and throw direct divine lights on the tank when i want to top him up ( free holy power so more light of dawns = more raid healing)

    holy priests are beastly, if your gm wants you topping meters then tell him to stick someone else on the tanks.

    Watch me play SC2 ladder and enjoy the lolz

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    As all have said meters are crap, it's "did you get the job done". If you want to top meters as disc, spam bubbles and PoH. You'll oom, your tank will die but, hey, you can tell you're RL you topped the meters.

    When I went to an Atonement spec, I dropped on the meters, but was of much more help with the melee; if any of our other healers beat their chests that they're topping the meters, I just bubble spam, PoH and throw out Pennaces liberally - they quite down quickly.

    Healing is not about meters, it's about using all the tools in your toolbox to the greatest effect for the good of the raid.

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    So my RL and some of my druid healing colleagues have been berating me because I always come in behind the druids on our parses.

    Raid leader complains that someone is behind a Resto Druid on a healing parse. Uh, ok.
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    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I pretty much thought this is what the response would be because these are the things that I always tell them, but then they just cuss me and log off vent during the convo b/c they think I'm hard headed. So now I've got a little reference for them! Thanks

    Also Thanks to Sebadoh for the gear treatment and spec audit! I needed that and priest healers with a good mind for that are hard to come by.

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    Bumping so my priest buddy can find this easier.

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