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Thread: Warrior tank getting alot of big hits

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    Warrior tank getting alot of big hits

    Hello guys.

    My guild and i are clearing the normal raids with only one 'big' problem atm. And it's me that are getting alot of really big random blows. Our main tank a prot paly dont take any hits that are as big as the hits on me. It could be on like neferian when iam tanking onyx in p1 and nef in p3. Cant really come up with other examples right now. Iam using my cooldowns when there's a big blow inc, like shield wall on first crackle, last stand on second, and shield block on like every breath.

    Is there something wrong with my ie stats or is it just blizzards rng that arrent going my way?

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%B3ck/simple is my armory

    My stats for the lazy ppl:

    12.7% dodge (1653 rating)
    14.33% parry (1837 rating)
    51.49% block
    150.433 hp unbuffed.

    Atm iam doing dailys at TB for the mastery/res trinket, so that will be used as soon as i get it, instead of the dodge trinket i have.

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    You look Pretty much fine, I'd swap out the Puissant Dream Emeralds in prismatic and yellow sockets for Fractured Amberjewels. Moving over to the TB trinket is certainly an improvement, thoug till then i'd swap out DMC:earthquake for something better like the porcelain Crab. You can grab the Valour point Ring instead of Talonguard, and pick up the 359 tanking bracers from ramkahen for ~80 gold.

    TBH it doesn't sound like theres much you could do, I find that tanking Ony can be a bit RNG as even with CDs if a tailswipe an unblocked hit and a breath come in short succesions while a healers trying to pick you up it can end badly.

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    You can up you avoidance slightly and perfectionise your char but when you're talking about that you take to much damage and the paladin don't that's not your real problem.

    Do you have a way to track your debuffs? Keeping both thunderclap and demoshout up is very important, paladin tanks just do this automatically while tanking. And do you use your shield block frequently enough? It reduces your overall damage taken by a significant amount.

    For Nefarian i'd really highly recommend get that TB trinket it's a relief when you don't have to save your shieldblock any longer

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    Tengenstein -> I just tried your suggestion and regemmed the Puissant Dream Emeralds to Fractured Amberjewels.

    klausi -> Yes iam tracking debuffs on my target (and my self), and allways have TC and demoshout up. And i kinda answered your question about my shieldblock, but yes i try to time my use of it so its allmost on cooldown all the time, but also got it when its needed.

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    If your still having problems with high damage intake you might want to make sure your moving and poistioning as a tank should. You wont be using your avoidances and block if your running around with your back to the mobs, and this kind of mistake is pretty common.
    Strafe away from then, dont mouse-turn and run with your back to them.

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