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Thread: horde bg queues

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    horde bg queues

    so for the past couple of days,my queueing up for random bgs have been like this

    "average wait time 10 mins"

    a couple mins later

    "average wait time 7 mins"

    then i wait a couple mins

    "average wait time:unavailible"

    has anyone else had this happen or is it just me.at the time ive been queueing up i know ive been able to get in bgs fine before and not had this problem happen.im lvl 50 if that matters,i havent really tried specific queueing for bgs but ive heard that everyone queues up for random bg at the level i am anyway


    Lence pretty much explained what im talkin about.actually i queued up today when i first logged in and it seemed fine but it did the thing where your time in queue would go past the average queue time(i normally wait like 5 mins over and then i requeue).so i requeued like 3 times and said forget it and logged off

    but i normally get in after i requeue once
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    The BG queues are fubar. It's a known issue. Blue (as yet) are unaware of how to fix it at this stage.

    Best advice is to either requeue after the average wait time has elapsed or to logout and back in.

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