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Thread: Thoughts on change to Retaliation, Recklessness, Shield Wall stance requirements.

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    Retaliation helps a lot on Maloriak adds in black phase. Reck is no brainer better than retaliation in prepull situation.

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    Has there been any mention as to why Shattering Throw isn't included? I would love to have this available in Zerker stance since Arms now gets Reck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loganisis View Post
    Has there been any mention as to why Shattering Throw isn't included? I would love to have this available in Zerker stance since Arms now gets Reck
    Hell I'd take it in def stance while you're at it. In the end blizzard just hates warriors ... such is our penance for being *the* tank for ~50% of the game's history. At least I don't have to shield block every 5 seconds like I back in the day.
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    Thoughts on change to Retaliation, Recklessness, Shield Wall stance requirements.

    Will a prot warriors avoidance mean that retaliation won't be as effective?

    I.e. Do you have to get hit for retaliation to "return" damage?

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    As far as bindings go, I'm probably a bit unique in that I have very long and dexterous fingers (played piano and guitar for years). However I find that even using WASD as my movement base I can very comfortably hit the 1-8 keys along with any number of modifiers (ctrl, shift, alt, ctrl+alt, ctrl+shift, shift+alt, and ctrl+shift+alt) and still be capable of moving at the same time except maybe for some incredibly long stretches (like c+s+a+8 while strafing q and turning d... doable, but very awkward). Out of habit I reserve alt as my self-cast modifier (I heal a bunch), but even so that gives me 32 buttons that are fairly easy for me to hit with muscle memory. Macroing to account for stance modifiers (i don't rely on bars paging between stances) or target bias (like vigilance on friendly mouseover, otherwise pummel) and there is very little that I designate outside of those buttons regardless of their use frequency.

    Lesson learned: grow longer fingers...

    Or otherwise look into using more modifiers. For those that aren't fortunate enough to have long fingers, some people swear by the use of hardware like the Razer Nostromo/Anasi and Naga which very effectively allows you to make use of your thumb(s) and otherwise have comfortable reach to an insane number of buttons + modifiers. The standard keyboard and mouse, as versatile as they are, aren't exactly designed first and foremost to be MMO game controllers. They're not bad, mind you... I don't use the fancy hardware I mentioned, but then again I've got excessively long fingers to make up for it.

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    On the topic of warrior keybinds; if you use a Logitech or similar mouse with a few alternative keys, you can change these mouse keys(i.e. M4 & M5) to keyboard modifiers: Alt/Ctrl. Doing so provides 2 new sets of keybinds without contorting your left hand. At last count I had 34 keys bound.

    I also recommend switch to ESDF instead of WASD. In addition to providing 4 more keys, its the natural position for typing and was not hard to get comfortable with.

    I currently only use:

    . QWERT
    . ASDFG
    . ZXCVB

    Using this method I have easy access to 45 keybinds using Alt/CTRL modifiers on my mouse as M4&M5.

    Arranging your keybinds on screen as a mock keyboard helps tremendously for learning binds and is a good visual for later swapping. This can be accomplished by using bartender and staggering the rows to form a keyboard type shape.

    I also used the addon HelpMeKeyBind to learn faster, its out of date but still works.

    No contorting your hand or fancy hardware with the exception of a mouse with a few extra keys, something you probably already have.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    For the last 6 years (on & off) playing a warrior, DPS & Tank; I used a very vanilla key layout... just keys 1 to =, moving with mouse & WASD, clicking for any important abilities that werent on my primary bar and for half the abilities that were, since i would hover over buttons 1-6 with my left hand, and click buttons 7-=, particularly because some of our abilities arent on the GCD and/or need to be spammed often, whereas others are more situational. Recently being required to tank adds for Nefarian in BWD forced me to revise and evolve my keybinds because I found I wasnt able to react quick enough to do everything I needed to with my old key setup; this coincided with a complete UI overhaul to centralise the information I needed so I could monitor my health, incoming boss abilities and CDs without glancing all over the screen and possibly missing something.

    Now my UI is laid out so that my buttons are in a 6 x 6 column from the bottom of the screen to just under my ice-hud health and rage bars encircling my character; buttons 7-= are the top row, which i rarely use but often click when i do; next row is buttons 1-6 which are my most frequently used abilities; next row is shift 1-6; and the row below that is Q, shift Q, 2x unbound buttons, shift E, E; below which is 2 rows of unbound buttons of very situational abilities that I usually have time to think about before I use them.

    It looks something like this:
    [ 7 ][ 8 ][ 9 ][ 0 ][ - ][ = ]
    [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ][ 5 ][ 6 ]
    [s1 ][s2 ][s3 ][s4 ][s5 ][s6 ]
    [ Q ][sQ ][   ][   ][sE ][ E ]
    [   ][   ][   ][   ][   ][   ]
    [   ][   ][   ][   ][   ][   ]
    I still move with WASD and click unbound abilities, though I alternate to mouse running if I need to move and use a keybound ability at the same time, however I recently changed keys A & D to strafe rather than turn, as this allows me to strafe while kiting adds or bosses without involving my mouse, since this was a big problem as previously to strafe I needed to engage the use of two hands. I have thunderclap bound to the scrollwheel button so I can easily keep aggro while strafe-kiting adds, and my mouse has a side-button near the thumb which I have bound to heroic leap since it is highly convenient for both tanking and PvP to be able to quickly heroic leap somewhere.

    Ive always hated stance-dancing; partly because of the rage-dumping aspect because it sucks getting into the correct stance to use an ability only to lack the rage to use it without wasting 1-2 more GCDs on a battle-shout or white attacks, and also because it feels clunky having to push several keys in succession over several seconds just to use 1 ability you couldnt use in the stance youd prefer to be in.

    I think all kinds of warriors are going to enjoy the stance-removal on our 5-min CD abilities; arms can use recklessness without getting into fury and being unable to OP or rend, fury can use retaliation without getting into arms and being unable to raging blow or whirlwind, and prot can use recklessness & retaliation on boss-pulls to gain snap aggro; I currently PvP in fury and its annoying having this highly-useful ability I have to swap stances to trigger which causes me to use it less often than I might otherwise... I can also see using recklessness as a tank on every boss pull because its just a reality that DPS hate having to wait for a tank to build aggro every bit as much as tanks hate losing aggro the moment MD wears off, and frankly getting snap aggro has always been an area of weakness for warrior tanks due to dependance on rage & vengeance for threat generation as opposed to front-loading our pull rotation with high-threat abilities the way other tank classes can.

    TLDR; The upcoming changes are good, I dont see them as being too situational or requiring extra keybinds to work in... I will have them on a bar somewhere but they wont be keybound since you can only use them once every 5-mins anyway. The vulnerability component of recklessness doesnt seem too dangerous for a tank to use (on a pull at least - I would advise against using it mid-fight in case it coincided with the kind of incoming damage-spike ability you would normally save a defensive CD for) -since the biggest threat at the start of a fight tends not to be boss damage but in losing aggro.
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