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Thread: Miauww Disc Priest and Divine Aegis in patch 4.1

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    Miauww Disc Priest and Divine Aegis in patch 4.1

    Hello people,

    First of all sorry fore my bad english but i need youre help since patch 4.1.
    Me play disc fore a long time and did it pritty good but since yesterdays raid i am lost.
    We do 25 man instance and have 2 disc priest in our team. My question is what happend whit divine aegis howe is its possible its our strongest healing atm and howe does it work ore work best. Fore example must i use a lot of great healing to get it a lot ore do i have to set my talents to get a beter result fore it. I hope u understand what i wrote and that u have time to repply. Fore the rest all of u keep up the nice work from tankspot.

    Tkx fore youre time.


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    The only thing that has changed about Divine Aegis in 4.1 is the duration. It now lasts 15 seconds instead of 12 seconds.

    The easiest way to "optimize" 2 Disc Priests in a raid is to put one on tank healing and the other on raid healing. You could also put both on tank healing if you lack a Holy Pally. Divine Aegis shouldn't be your top heal unless you're using mostly PoH with considerable overhealing. PW:S is very strong, particularly if you stack mastery, and generally makes up 30-45% of my healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewfieDave View Post
    Divine Aegis shouldn't be your top heal unless you're using mostly PoH with considerable overhealing.
    Exception: If you are doing Chimaeron, then most meters bug out on the life-saving mechanic, so do NOT use Chimaeron as base to compare/rate healing.
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    I've been having a similar problem, but my rotation vs/mana efficiency is as is recommended, but my healing is still about 4/5 of what it used to be, from top to right under the other healers. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if the lower bubble time means it's not being used...Please help. Someone told me today that disc should be under everyone else, but I can't accept that. Too used to being at the top...

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    I have noticed zero difference in my HPS since the patch. The only change that really seems to have an impact was the Barrier cooldown, and I freely admit that a 2 minute Barrier was way too powerful and deserved a nerf.

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    I've noticed no real difference in my hps since patch, expect maybe Attonement is slightly better with it working off Holy Fire also. The one real annoyance is the shortened duration of Divine Shield, it kind of just is an annoyance on pulls when the tank delays. Guess you could say it those off the timing I'm used to.

    If I'm spamming PoH, Divine Ageis will be near the top of the meters for me.

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