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Thread: EU [A] Neptulon <<Sweet Retribution>> 10/25man

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    EU [A] Neptulon <<Sweet Retribution>> 10/25man

    Raid Recruitment Needs:

    Looking For Ranged DPS class only.

    Even if you do not see your class listed above donít hesitate to apply. We will always consider exceptional applications.

    Social Spots:
    We accept Social Members who are thinking about moving into raiding but are not quite ready to raid.

    Raid Times:

    Monday 20.15 to 23.30; Wednesday 20.15 to 23.30; Thursday 20.15 to 23.30; (Server Times)

    BoT (10) 4/4
    BoT (25) 2/4
    TotFW (10) 2/2
    TotFW (25) 1/2
    BWD (10) 6/6
    BWD (25) 4/6

    Raid Atmosphere:
    Most of us are employed professionals or family types above 25+ we operate a professional raid atmosphere. When we wipe we are back up, buffed, and pulling usually in less then 5 minutes. We don't scream at people; however we do point out things specifically that player could be doing better. If it offends you easily being 'called out' for doing something wrong don't talk to us.

    All Loot decisions are handled with EPGP full details are on the Guild Website.

    80% Attendance
    Ventrilo/ With a Mic
    The ability to not stand in fire

    Benefits of Sweet Retribution:
    Level 21 guild.
    Flasks, food, and repairs covered by the guild.
    Enchanting mats provided at 50% AH value.
    A great raiding atmosphere.

    To fill out an application visit our site http://www.sweet-retribution.com or any questions you may have please ask them on the guild forums.

    I will endeavour to keep this post fully updated on the guilds current recruitment needs.
    Last updated on 13/06/2011. - Updated Looking For Ranged DPS only.
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