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Thread: Insane in the Membrane: Insane Title Achievement Darkmoon Faire

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    Insane in the Membrane: Insane Title Achievement Darkmoon Faire

    Was looking to see if I could get any advice as to attack this reputation. So far I've done All the Steemweedle cartel rep's as well as Ravenholdt. There are a few different options or routes I could go but I'd like to know what has worked for people. I'd like to pace myself so that this reputation would take me around 4 months or less.

    Option 1:
    Make around 1200 rogue decks
    Option 2:
    Epic decks
    Option 3:
    Barter with people to turn in there decks for 200 a pop.

    Any help would be amazing with this please and thank you in advance.

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    Option 2 is the best. If you have a scribe and a herber than I suggest farming Cata mats and making cards. Turn in a couple decks and usually you can sell the decks and have enough money to start buying herbs and making alot of cards that way without having to farm anymore. Otherwise just try and snipe cards for low prices. You can try getting people to let oyu turn in their decks but alot of people won't really trust you with their deck. Another option is to get the completed cards and just trade them for people decks.

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    Insane in the Membrane: Insane Title Achievement Darkmoon Faire

    I myself farmed and made my own cards aswell as watched AH and only purchased epic deck cards and just stock piled them. Rogue decks were a little too time consuming for me.
    Best of luck with the grinding.

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    Rogue decks usually end up being more expensive on a gold per rep basis (you need 14 to be equal to 1 epic deck) considering you can't make money back from those.

    I mainly focus at buying out the cheap herbs some people put on AH and the cheaper cards of a set.
    Occasionally buy a deck from AH if I can relist the card at the same price (or <500g loss on it)

    PS: For those still needing Steamwheedle rep: The pirates in Tanaris near the boats/docks (south of the camp being fought over) will give Gadgetzan rep untill 20999/21000, which means you can farm those for the spillover and will only need a single other kill for exalted.
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