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Thread: Direct X and moar

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    Direct X and moar

    Hey all! Ok, Few questions here. Obvious answer is..... get a new computer.... Would love to but cash is short right now...

    Ok... My system is extremely old. Dell Dimension 3000 desktop... 3.0ghz single core 2gb Ram Win XP and a integrated vid card that will make you cry..... Played on it for many years. 1) What is the highest version of DirectX i can d/l with Win XP? Right now and im not sure anything can help but i have to play on the lowest of low settings possible... I'm not even sure how to check to see what version of DX I currently have.. Would a more recent version make a difference? In Orgrimmar i get about a max of 8 fps..... Heroics are getting to be laggy to tank... 10m only thing ive done in caty is BH. Now I used to raid regularly all the way til ICC came out and then all of the sudden I couldnt play in 25m. 10m ICC was ok. 25 ToC and all them before... Naxx and Ulduar were fine to go into and my system woudlnt drop to 1-2 fps .

    Is there any other things that I can do to improve my performance? I shut everything off that I can while playing.... I dont play in windowed mode.... I'd like to get my FPS up to a non laughable number if possible...... and have the game run a little smoother when doing pidily stuffs until I can get a comp upgrade.... Any and all help is mucho greatly appreciated.

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    More than likely you are running direct X 9. This is due the fact that direct 10 and 11 are a vista/windows 7 only type of thing. The way to make sure what version you are running is to run dxdiag. You can get to dxdiag by going to start then run. Then type dxdiag into the text box and click ok. The version number of direct X should show in the system tab. If you are running direct x 8 then sure upgrading to 9 could help. If the direct X version is 8 then more than likely there are windows updates you need to apply to your system. And I highly suggest getting the system updated.

    As far as getting more FPS. Since you are already on the lowest video settings. The only thing that comes to mind is trying to lowering the resolution.

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    I've looked at the technical specifications and I must say I'm impressed that you are still playing on it. You could try upgrading your computer with an actual video card. This should change your performance somewhat. Other than that I'd recommend having the latest drivers installed and close as much applications as possible.

    You could also take a look over here: http://www.petri.co.il/pagefile_optimization.htm which should increase a bit in overall performance of your system.

    Since I think you are running with an "Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2", which really could make you cry, you really should try upgrading your graphics card
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