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Thread: Boss tutorial for tanks.

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    Boss tutorial for tanks.

    Is there anywhere that there's videos that explains boss fights for the new heroics that just came out ZA/ZG only for tanks and from a tank point of view. All the videos I've found were either from a healer point of view or a general group wise informative tutorial because sometime as a tank you don't have to do certain things and I like to know when there's adds that either needs to be tanked or not.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GC9x...layer_embedded This is a good example of what I don't want, yes he teaches the boss fights but from a general point of view, I have no idea if I need to tank the panther or not since he only talks about healer's and dps' point of view.

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    here, since it's basicaly ZA all over again.

    -bear, tank him wherever you want ideally somewhere people can get to closely, have everyone stack up together with 1 guy standing farther out, he'll get charged, and get a debuff. that person runs into group and a different person runs out, keep doing this until debuff falls off first guy, and continue rotating, during bear form, he mangles you for very heavy bleed damage, consider using a cd for this, every tank should have 2 cds, and decent dps will go through 2 bear phases or less so you'll be okay, probably actually have your cd on your first major cd by the time a 3rd bear phase comes anyways.

    -Eagle, everyone spreads out best they can (obviously melee can't help it as much), to avoid chain lightning damage, kill giant bird that picks up random raid member asap. tank him anywhere you want probably best to be near the middle, when he throws down the lightning storm, stack under that person/cloud until it ends, rinse repeat.

    -DragonHawk tank boss near middle platform, watch out for random charge/flames, stay out of flames/positions that would hamper dps/healers. when hatchers come, choose your own method of allowing the hatchlings to be broken, typical is kill 1 hatcher, let other hatcher release like half the eggs on that side, then kill it, pick up adds as they run up across the bridge, aoe down. repeat for other side, have players stack for final big egg hatch to make it easier for you to pick up adds. stay out of bombs entire fight.

    -Lynx Tank wherever, move out of life totem range, have dps kill it asap. continue killing boss, when he goes phase 2, mostly dps/tank the lynx although he'll charge off randomly, use cleave/aoe mechanics to keep boss on you but he won't be primary focus. focus down down lightning totem whenever it comes up. rinse repeat all fight, when he enrages at the end he'll throw down both totem times, focus down lightning first, then life but make sure to move out of life totem radii. collect loot

    -Malakrass CC 1 add, have dps kill other add, you tank boss somewhere within range of healers. just be ready to handle every class type he'll transform into, stay somewhat stacked to make easier on healing/aoe heals. be ready to interrupt any heals he casts when he takes on a healer form. kill 2nd add when 1st dies. focus boss. collect loot

    -Zuljin bearform he still charges so use first strat, he also uses grievous throw, so big heals on whoever gets that debuff/damage. eagle form, mostly will rely on melee dps, avoid tornados, kill totems. dunno about his other forms, i killed him before he changed again.


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    One thing we noticed last night on Lynx is that it makes the job of the healer a hell of a lot easier if DPS stacks around the healing water totems the boss drops.

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    There's videos already? and the old information is still relevant?

    hehe thanks guys

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