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Thread: Getting back into mage PvP - Need a few questions answered.

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    Getting back into mage PvP - Need a few questions answered.

    Hello fellow PvP'ers, I have just recently started PvP'ing on my mage again and there's a few things I wanna have sorted out before I start gearing it. First off I wanna start by saying that I've played mage a whole lot over the years but mostly in PvE and very little PvP, the PvP I did was mostly in my PvE gear and wasn't something you would see often, so the questions I have doesn't involve the way of playing the mage but rather which stats I should go for, whether or not my spec is okay and last but not least caps (Hit cap, spell pene cap etc.)

    So here is my spec: Frost 2/8/31

    Add-ons I use: (Please notify me if there's something vital which I'm missing)
    LUI V3

    As of this moment I am not quite sure which stats to gem, enchant and re-forge to? If anyone would be kind enough to post a PvP Frost mage Stat priority list I would be very happy

    Best Regards, Furiouz.
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