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Thread: Druid tanks

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    Druid tanks

    how are they? i know there getting buffed,but i was originally thinking about going resto on my druid but i dont know.im currently level 37 and was bored and felt like queueing up as tank and tankin some stuff and it didnt seem to bad

    the only thing(maybe this gets easier as you run more stuff)i didnt like,which is what i kinda didnt like when i tanked on my warrior to is i tend to not really know were im going cuz im used to dps and dps usually just follows the tank

    im just wondering what other druid tanks think as far as the state of tanking right now with the buffs and if druid tanking actually is viable at lower lvls.cuz i know the only reason why i really dont play alts is because everytime i get to outlands i just cant stomach hellfire penninsula and end up quitting.but i might just queue up for dungeons and tank thru outlands

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    Moved to General Forums as it's not a Damage Dealing thread.

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    I can't talk about it at lower levels, nor can i talk about it in heroic content.
    But im absolutely loving it in regular raids at the moment. Typically I take less damage than the warriors in my guild, role for role.
    Rotation is reasonably engaging too. Only downside is its not fun holding aggro on multiple mobs, its not terribly hard to do, just isn't fun.
    Hoping the change to Savage Defense will help our aoe mitigation a little, multiple hard hitting mobs are a bit mean

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    Low levels its fun and easy - later on it just becomes a gearing race like every other class
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