Ascent is recruiting for Cataclysm 25man raiding.

Current major needs are:
Disc Priest

While this isn't the group that transferred off in the fall of 2009 to Detheroc there are several familiar faces that stuck around or reappeared from Ascent-EQ and Ascent-WoW (both Medivh and Thrall).

Ascent is a progression raiding guild on the Thrall server. (US-PVE EST)

We raid Tues, Thurs, and Sunday nights 7:30-11pm EST.
We're considering doing some Wednesday raids during progression as well.

Our goal is to foster a fun and drama-free raid environment, in which we will strive to defeat the hardest raid content in the leading wave of progression.

We're looking at exceptional candidates from any class. Our short term needs are a lock and a disc priest.

What we're looking for in a potential member:

* You should be level 85 and geared for raiding. This means taking steps to do heroic 5-mans and obtain gear.

* You should be properly gemmed and enchanted.

* You should be able and willing to put in the time and effort that raiding requires.

* You should be overly familiar with your class mechanics. This is not an environment to learn how to play your class. This is already expected.

We're looking for skilled and like-minded people who share our goals. We evaluate members and recruits by the following criteria.

- Team oriented. We succeed and fail as a team. We don't want people who want individual success, but rather strive for the greater reward, the success of the team as a whole. Loot is not the end, but the means to an end, that being progression.

- Dedication. Members must be willing put for the effort necessary for success. This includes proper expendables and preparation for raids. Progression raiding is not for the faint of heart. Attentiveness during raids is required. We don't raid five days a week, hence we need to be very focused during the raid time we do have.

- Ideals. We want our guild environment to be enjoyable for everyone involved. This also includes the non-raiding aspects of the game. We want people who play the game to have fun, and feel that part of that fun is working hard toward a common goal. We are looking for people who are excited to jump into Cataclysm and Cataclysm raiding as we are.

- Knowledge. Members should be knowledgeable not only of their own class but also know the underlying themes of encounters and their mechanics. Being able to adjust to different tactics and suggestions is highly desired. A high level of performance is required. Fulfilling your role in the raid while being able to stay alive and execute strategies is a must.

- Intangibles. Members must be mature and responsible. Disruptive or disrespectful members will not be tolerated. Everyone wearing the Ascent tag represents the guild and their fellow members. Part of the enjoyment of a guild, raiding or not, is enjoying the game with your guildmates. We want the playing experience to be enjoyable because of your guildmates, not in spite of them.

- Basics. You must be able to maintain a high attendance. We will not have an overly large roster, so we depend on everyone to be able to contribute. Familiarity with the raid team is a huge proponent to success. You must have vent and a working mic, and be willing to speak during raids when necessary. Your computer and internet must also be stable.

We will require an authenticator of some type for raiders. (blizzard, droid, iphone etc)

Persons who feel they meet the above criteria should fill out an application. Your application may be the first indication we see of how dedicated you are. The amount of work you put into your application will show, so please take your time.

If you have any questions please contact Kresge/Glayde, Waukeen, Mallagint, Soro or any of the officers or members of Ascent. If someone is unable to answer your questions they can point you in the direction of someone who can.