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Thread: [A] <Night Watch> starting hard modes 10pm-1am PST Tue/Wed/Sun

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    [A] <Night Watch> starting hard modes 10pm-1am PST Tue/Wed/Sun

    We're brand new--started recruiting a month ago--but are well-organized and already 12/12 and have Halfus down on hardmode.

    We are staring a second, equal "Blue Team" now. Raid times will be 10pm - 1am Monday, Thursday and Friday.

    Important notes:
    We bench/decline people for perfomance, no matter how much we like them.

    Are you serious about your leisure time? How does playing to your full potential for 180 minutes and then getting back to your real life sound to you?

    If phrases like, "quality over quantity," "chain-pulling," and "camaraderie," go hand-in-hand with, "fun," in your mind, keep reading...

    Night Watch is a new 10-man raiding guild with the mission to defeat all 10 man heroic modes while they are current content. We cultivate a friendly atmosphere and a fair degree of professionalism while maintaining a healthy perspective. Our raids are highly focused and productive to both maximize our limited raid time, and allow us to enjoy all the other things life has to offer.

    Night Watch is made up of people who are:

    •willing to learn
    •good teammates

    Our raiding in a nutshell:
    Our raids are from 10pm until 1am PST Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. We expect 75% attendance or 9 raids (of 12) in any four week period.

    All raiders should have a boss mod (e.g., DBM) and Vent. Additionally, healers are expected to have suitable raid frames and some way of casting with the mouse (e.g., Clique, mouseover macros, etc.).

    Loot uses a main spec > off-spec open roll system with a master looter for transparent, common-sense filtering.

    More details at:
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