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Thread: Soldier needs help reducing bandwith to play while deployed!

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    Soldier needs help reducing bandwith to play while deployed!

    Hello everyone, I'm a soldier currently in afghanistan and the internet is not that great. Some days are better than others, but it still sucks running anywhere from 1k ms latency (best I've seen) to 3k ms latency (worst that the game will still run). I don't run addons and I make sure I have no other process running that will use the bandwith. Is there anything I can do in game to help reduce latency as much as possible. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Bandwidth you can do nothing about because that is bound by your service provider and other users/processes consuming the connection. Problems with bandwidth may be related to what others are doing, not just you. Even if you're not using it, if someone else is watching movies on Netflix they could be taking up a great deal of bandwidth which is likely shared.

    Latency you could improve a little by correcting certain settings on your machine related to Nagle Algorithm. If it is a Windows machine you would want to modify the TcpAckFrequency registry (possibly a few others but in my general experience the others haven't been necessary). For the less computer savvy though, you can get Leatrix Latency Fix which is basically an executable which does this for you.

    However, long story short, how much performance improvement you will be able to get is going to be limited by physical limitations. If for example you are connecting to a server in California (Blizzard home base), the simple fact of the matter is even under ideal conditions you're unlikely to get below 300ms latency on the other side of the world even on an extremely fast connection. It simply takes time for data to travel over that physical distance.
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    The latency from a satelite you are getting internet from is most likely ~1 second no matter what. Its just that far out in space. In the end I don't see the US hauling a fiber optic line up from India, to Pakistan, to Afghanistan, Its just to far. Most my military friends leave wow in bootcamp in a lot of other things sorry

    Bandwidth can be the problem if you use certain patch switching techniques. The lowest I have been able to get in wow is 110- 70 kilobits per second. For raiding and vent I normally average around 77 kilobits per second. I have to know all this for VPN settings involving my job. Its a looooooooooong story.

    And you should have WAY more then that. Addons don't normally consume that much extra bandwidth. If your really really bandwidth snoddy then you can monkey around with hooking the addon communication function, so its called less or caches data. Generally most addons just involve reading the combat log and making shinny stuff appear on your screen.
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    Its a real longshot from Afghanistan, but you might try http://www.smoothping.com.

    I think its free to try so the cost/benefit equation is in your favor, even if it doesn't help.

    Hurry home soon dude.

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    ya... your not gonna get a good connection. I know from experience. Raiding is basically impossible. You can still get on though. Whenever I deploy I end up either making a new alt or start doing old world stuff. lvl 60 and 70 raids, random achievements and what not. The latency is just something you'll have to deal with.

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    Moved to the tech support section. More of a question involving internet connectivity to the game than a help question involving your character in WoW which is more what you'd use the HALP forums for.

    G'luck with the problem and thank you for your service; it is indeed one of the most awesome things to see people do. Hurry home safe and sound.

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    Im on the same boat as you brother, Only i get to leave very soon, Good luck with playing, but its not that hard to go without playing for a year, its just a little tough to get back into playing the game again, Especially with CATA theres so many extra stuff you gotta learn and apply to make the most of everything new they gave you.

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