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Thread: Dx9? Dx11?

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    Dx9? Dx11?

    So I haven't really done much to my Gfx card in a while. I've got a BFG GTX285 OC. Frame Rate is fine. What I don't know is how much of a whistle factor seeing the world in Dx 11 can/will be. Those of you who switched to Dx11 recently.... was it worth it just for that? Or was it a couple bells and whistles that disappeared into the background as soon as you saw them?

    I've done some websurfing on this... and I can get a thousand pages of technical details for new features, and pictures that mean little more than what the feature does... but nothing with context. Anyone have a link to pictures of WoW itself in 9 vs 11?

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    WoW looks exactly the same in 11 as it does in 9.
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