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Thread: Patch 4.1 next week, so...

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    Patch 4.1 next week, so...


    Is there any site or whatever that provides what changes will bring new 4.1 patch?
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    You could always go to the world of warcraft community site and look at the front page


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    There are plenty of good places to see all the information. What I haven't seen yet is something that really calls out the significant changes that will impact the way we play. Perhaps if I call out a few things, you'll see what I mean.

    There are 2 new(-ish) 5 man dungeons, which add a new way to get epic gear. The epics dropped in the instances are slightly weaker than the T11 normal raid drops, but close enough that they can easily get a new character raid ready or fill a slot that the RNGod of Loot Drops has neglected to fill for you. Likely to see the price on BOE epic drops from T11 raids fall (as they aren't much different from ZG/ZA drops). Combined with a change to the way you earn Justice points (weekly rather than daily caps, and more rewarded in the new instances) it ends up being a big bonus to players gearing up. That in turn will help boost raid progression for those still working on normal modes, while also allowing heroic raiding guilds an easier option to bring in geared up toons to fill roster gaps.

    Maelstrom crystals are coming to the Honor/Valor vendor, and the new instances drop Epic gear, both of these factors will (in fairly short time) drop the cost of Maelstrom enchants and make them much more available for players. Another factor supporting gearing up.

    There are a few significant changes to classes that will help raid groups. Resto Shaman and all Warriors are getting raid cooldowns, significantly increasing the chances that you'll have a 'raid wall' in your group. Death Knights get a Battle Rez (although it seems that the planned Warlock Soulstone as BRez hasn't worked out yet), and Battle Rezes are now targeted via raid frames (work even on muppets that hit release). Spell interrupts will never miss and warrior tanks join everyone else with a 10 second interrupt, meaning you can include tanks in interrupt rotations without reducing survivability (big help for 10 man groups, minor headache for lazy tanks). Stampeding Roar got a fairly good buff, might start being seen in more raid strategies.

    Rogues will be in stealth unless they are actually ganking you.

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    I have a look at MMO Champion most days, so I'm usually up to date with the changes.

    Hope that helps.

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    "Rogues will be in stealth unless they are actually ganking you."

    Favorite line of the patch update.

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