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Thread: Dk blood tank i need help bad...

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    Dk blood tank i need help bad...

    Hi everyone just joined cause a guild member introduce this forum to me and I need HELP BAD for my DK TANK, never been tank, was mainly DPS but now switching to tank

    SO the things I need help on basically for DK TANKS:

    1. What stats do I concentrate on for reforging, and geming, like stamina (blue) gems better than mastery or dodge or parry? PLZ help...

    2. what's better mastery? expertise? dodge? parry? (DK doesn't have block correct? what or how do I calculate dodge/parry/(mastery) for the 102.4% cap? I'm so confused... HELP

    3. Is there a tank rotation? if so please let me know...

    4. where can I go to read dung/raid step by step tanking instructions like what tanks should in this boss this mob etc... in READER FRIENDLY site...

    Please help...

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    You will always want to reforge your Hit & Exp into Mastery, Dodge or Parry, which one will always be determined by several factors. Mastery is our best stat, but dodge/parry are important as well, especially in 5mans. It's important to keep dodge parry as close to the same as possible to avoid diminishing returns, so after your dodge/parry are close all other hit and exp goes to mastery. This might also include reforging some parry to dodge or vice versa, it's that important. Along these lines in 5 mans you should be using the Shattering weapon forge, this will keep your parry 4% higher and you do not have to worry about that 4% gap because with the rune it (the 4% only) does not diminish.

    For gems you will wanna hit socket bonuses when possible using stam/mastery or avoidance/stam (green, purple, orange i believe) gems, or if yellow socket use pure mastery gems. Just be smart with your gems, if the socket bonus is real low, go with pure mastery, if you have a chance at a good socket bonus use a hybrid gem. It's no longer desirable to stack pure stamina like in Wrath, you need to balance stats now and be smart about gems, and reforging for that matter.

    We have no rotation now, we have a priority system, this means you do whatever you need to survive while holding threat, keep CD's up smartly and use all of your abilities wisely. CHeck out Satorri's DK guide under the critical guides forum, it's a lot of information but read it all several times if needed.

    I'm not sure there is a one stop shop site for all dungeons, instead do a google search for certain dungeons and you'll find some things. Truth is you need to get some guildies together and run some normals to get the hang of it, it takes some practice and if you're 85 and never tanked before it might even seem hard, and to a certain extent is but over time it will get better.

    List your armory here and go tank a few randoms, come back here with specific questions about what you didn't understand and there are many people here that will help you.

    Please don't have agility in your gear, its not for DK's. Haste does help DK's now, but reforge any you have to mastery, dodge or parry. Make sure to use Death Strike often, download Blood Shield Tracker addon to track your shield sizes. Download DocDebugRunes (DDR) to track diseases and rune usage, there are others but that's the one I use.

    Oh yeah, we don't figure our block like other tanks do (read signature), forget about the 104% cap. Balance your stats favoring mastery slightly, the more you move into normal mode raiding you can move to mastery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksend View Post
    Best bet also is find 2-3 healers you know to q with and tell them to forget everyone else and just keep you alive.

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    to Michultradk

    THANKS A BILLION MAN! WOW that makes more sense now of what to do! Basically Balance with more on Mastery gottcha ;-)

    Thanks again thank you thank you thank you!

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    If it helps a simple 'rotation' for want of a better word is to apply both diseases, pestilence to spread to all mobs, heart strike, death strike and keep diseases rolling with Death strike, rune strike and Heart strike woven into this when possible.

    Never EVER underestimate the value of cc when learning the tanking ropes...you will not learn a great deal with four+ nasties making you scrabble for survival! Take it steady...like Michultradk says get some guildies/friends and take it slow and steady...they will appreciate that you're learning far better than any PuG.

    One thing to note though is how DKs and CC interact..You have a powerful tool in Heartstrike but it is an indescrimate cleave...It's going to Twonk several targets, if one of those is cc'ed it's a problem. You need to be aware of your battleground, if you have three cc's and 4 mobs it's easy...mark them and use Death grip to pull the skull in..this gives you 6 seconds (if I remember right) of pure unadulterated agro.

    Satorri's guide is invaluable, read it..then go practise...good luck and happy tanking..

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