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Thread: Tankadin Heavy stam vs. Aviodence

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    instead of "unhittable" can we a agree to use "CTC" Combat Table Coverage ... meaning every hit will at least be mitigated by block?

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    That sounds an awful lot like a dangerous gas (CFC) or a Government branch (CDC).

    Let's call it 'Frank'.
    RNGesus - Saving you unreliably since BC.

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    Most any shield bearer tank guide is quite explicit, stack mastery where possible, pick up stam if it makes sense (Blue socket that has mastery or stam bonus, socket with mastery/stam gem).

    The only conceivable advantage of stacking stam for a paladin, which is insanely situational, is a magic heavy fight and having you use SoL exclusively. The higher Health pool will mean more health healed using SoL, and the extra mana will allow you to use Holy Radiance frequently. On anything other than a magic fight, blocked hits >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bigger health pool. Which is most of the fights you should be considering anyways.

    If you are swimming in so much spare gear that you can afford two have two sets of gear, all 359/372, then yeah, have a stam set and a mastery set. I bet the stam set will gather dust on most fights.

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