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Thread: Nefarian 25 men heroic issues

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    Nefarian 25 men heroic issues

    Hi everyone, I'm new poster to tankspot, although I have been checking the community as guest for quiet some time now My name is Strongarm and I am a fury warrior of the guild Intuition on Ahn'Qiraj EU alliance side.

    Intuition has downed Nefarian 2 times on heroic difficulty so far (on 25 men) one was 2 weeks ago, and the other was last week. However, ever since we have attempted him we had several very annoying issues. Maybe you guys had them too and know how to counter them?

    These issues are related to lag and disconnects and it is very annoying. As soon as we pull, several people disconnect and nefarian hits them with shadow of cowardice cause they didnt jump down. Another issue we had is with the dominion portals, the people who get them lag and reach the portal even though they are spamming "1", and the biggest and most annoying issues is phase 2, every time phase 2 hits and we jump back on the platforms people disconnect. It is not a matter of their connection as it happens to different people everytime. It is impossible to kill him with these issues.

    For example last night, we got through phase 1 perfectly but as soon as phase 2 hit, the main tank, a healer, 2 dpsers and a kicker all disconnected at the same time. This is not random luck. something is wrong with this fight.

    Anyone else has these issues?

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    The only thing I can suggest is trying to dissable in game combat log and recount sync. Both the combat log and the addon try to sync between other people in your raid wich causes massive flow of information for a short period of time and might drop you down from the game on several raid encounters. Try that and let us know if it helped.

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