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Thread: [A] BRB Summer (6/13 25H) Top 10 US PvP

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    [A] BRB Summer (8/13 25H) Top 10 US PvP

    About BRB Summer:

    BRB Summer is located on the Kel'Thuzad (PvP) Server. BRB Summer was founded on May 18, 2010 in order to provide a place for exceptional players to clear hardmode content without having to abide by a hardmode raiding schedule.

    Progression raids are Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 5pm ST (7pm EST) to 9pm ST (11pm EST). We are 8/13 25man Heroic (12/12 reg).

    BRB Summer quickly rose through the ranks in both PvE progression and PvP clout and will continue to do so.

    We are always open to exceptional players.

    We are currently looking to fill about 2-3 dps positions, and 1-2 healing positions. We are on the verge of breaking through in progression, and feel as though replacing these 5 or so positions with a more capable set of players would be exactly what we need to do so.


    PvE Information:

    BRB Summer was originally formed as a raiding guild and continues to run a strong PvE Division. Those who join the guild to PvP also have the option to raid, assuming they can dedicate the time to both. Many of our raiders are Gladiators and we feel that the overall level of skill we bring to our raids allows us to kill so many bosses with such little effort. We put a lot of emphasis on understanding and recognizing mechanics quickly, and we have little tolerance for those who seem to fall victim to them again and again.

    That said, we have about 5 amongst our ranks that simply need to go. Raid spots and raid loot are given based on performance and attendance.

    We expect all of our raiders to push the boundaries of their class and gear on every fight (even farm kills).

    DPS Logs are a plus.
    Extensive raid experience is a plus.
    BiS gear is a plus.

    Our logs can be found here: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/112419/

    PvP Information:

    Our philosophy for PvP is that the organization and operation of Rated Battle Grounds is not much different from how one would organize and operate a raid. BRB is not a random open-invite PvP guild. We care about the guilds overall success, and for that reason who we invite matters greatly. We typically bring in PvPer's based on either a. recommendation or b. their rich pvp history and overall enthusiasm (or both). We want players with exceptional skill who enjoy the game, love their class and have a profound desire to win. We are currently only accepting players with 2500+ level experience to round out our PvP roster. No exceptions. We take a kind liking to players who can focus interupt/cc on command, or whenever necessary.

    BRB currently houses one of the top RBG's in the US, with several players breaking the 3k rated threshold. In addition to this particular group we have other RBG's running often. We also do not require those who run their own RBG's to use full-guild groups, this ensures that those partaking in the RBG's get the best players available to them, this way everyone has fun.

    Our RBG group is currently rated 7th US, 13th Worldwide (http://conquestwow.com/grank.php?r=us).

    If you are looking to join for PvP you can contact Jobey, Karizi, Scypher or Kyht in-game.

    How to apply:

    Visit brbsummer.wowstead.com. You may already have an account with wowstead or Curse, so do not be surprised if you cannot register.

    http://brbsummer.wowstead.com/forums...ation-template is our application template. Fill it out and send it to brbsummerkt@yahoo.com

    Your application will be privately reviewed by BRB Officers and Members. If we are pleased with what we see we may attempt to schedule a vent interview to ensure that you are a good fit for BRB. We will not ask players to xfer just to ride the bench. Our roster is tight, so if we bring you in to raid expect to raid.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the guild, your application or the application process feel free to contact an Officer in-game.

    BRB Raiding Officers:


    To become the top alliance guild on the server in both PvE and PvP.

    Thank you for your interest in BRB <3
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