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Thread: Fury Warrior PvP

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    Fury Warrior PvP

    Hey, on my lvl 85 warrior, I just got into PvP (I know sad) but anyhow, I'm having difficulties finding 2, 2h weapons just to start out with untill I can get the conquest points and what not, however I do have 2 and the lvl thats required is like 78 and 81. From the boss drops in dungeons and such it seems cata has been hating 2h weapons....anybody know of 2 decent 2h weapons or atleast one I can get 2 of?

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    do baradin hold dailies, theres a good 2h from baradin's wardens. you could also hit heroic Throne of the tides, Deadmines, stonecore and more that i cant think of. baradin's wardens ones are the easiest but the most time consuming

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    K thanks, actually just realized that earlier, and my main spec (prot) doesn't have the item lvl to do heroics yet >.< but my pvp gear does....but thats something I want to avoid doing....even though some one in my guild said I should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captanmurdoc View Post
    do baradin hold dailies
    I can't recommend that. One weapon costs 85 commendations, that's really a LOT of dailys.

    Here's a complete list:

    If you don't want to do heroic dungeons at all you could ask a blacksmith to craft it. Truegold sells for ~500g on my server plus the orbs, that's an investment off 8k+ gold for both weapons.

    With 4.1 you could also go for Jeklik's Smasher + Reforged Trollbane from ZA/ZG if you can overcome yourself

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    85 commendations = 7 days (7*12 = 84) + 1 quest.

    It's not unreasonable if you don't chain heroics to farm gear. And 85 quests to get the commendations = ~1200-1600g from rewards alone, not counting drops.


    My suggestion isn't counter to klausi's, but it's not in line. Work towards the 85 commendations and then the other 85 commendations and if you get Foe Reaper or one of the other 346 weapons from a heroic dungeon drop, then you don't need to work on the commendations anymore XD

    I wouldn't drop 8k on a 346 weapon unless you have more gold than time.
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