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Thread: Lag while recording full screen with fraps.

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    Lag while recording full screen with fraps.


    This question might have appeared before, but I can't find anyone who has exactly the same prob.

    So when I'm not recording with Fraps, I get about 120 fps. However, when I record with fraps using Full screen mod (which I need) it drops to about 20, aka not playable for me.

    Imo, my comp should be easily be able to handle it:
    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T black edition;
    8GB of Geil DDR3 ram @ 1333;
    Ati HD5770 Graphics card;
    500GB HD @ 7200 rpm;

    Now, I've read the post about recording with fraps, lowering your video settings etc, but this doesn't really help - as I'm still dropping fps.

    Can it really be that it's THIS bad because i'm writing to the same HD as where wow is on? (I actually tried writing to an external HDD, but this dropped my fps even more?)

    I think I must be missing something, but I can't figure out what!

    Any help will be HIGHLY appreciated!


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    alot of people have fraps issues with vista and windows seven.

    one workaroun is to have a partitioned area of your hardrive to record to instead of an external hdd

    fraps is so unusable for me ive switched to using MSI Afterburners built in vid recorder which is letting me record full quality at about 25 fps.

    tbh i fail to see hwo you can't raid on 20 fps, the human eye maxes out at about 27 and WoW should easily be playable above 15, it just wont look great.

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    First of all, thank you for your reply Illidra.

    I will try using 2 partitions then.

    20 fps is really noticeable for me, it might be because I'm used to having higher fps. But for me personally, it's just not playable.
    I'll let you know if having a seperate partition will help!

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    Re: Lag while recording full screen with fraps.

    It's not really separate partitions that matter, but separate physical drives. Drives, even ssd's, are limited by the i/o cap on the interface with the mobo, or even the speed and number of r/w you can do at once.
    Partitioning doesn't speed anything up, it's just an organizational tool.
    I personally run 5 drives, 3 being ssd's, one 10k rpm raptor and one 1tb drive just for storage.
    If you want a performance gain, keep where fraps records off the game drive and off your swapfile/pagefile drive completely.

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    Your computer is quite better than mine.
    I had the same experience before. I lowered game video settings, and the FPS (Half-size) at Fraps setting menu etc...
    Recently, I'm using Bandicam recorder to get higher FPS and reduce the lag. http://www.bandicam.com

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    Thanks, Mike.

    I downloaded Bandicam trial to test it. It actually works great and gives so little fps loss!
    So I bought it . Thanks for the tip and all the other replies

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    Fraps will constrain your FPS to the FPS you set it to record footage at. Record at 30, anything above that is worthless. FPS is a daft metric to use for anything since our eyes are incapable of differentiating between more than about 30 frames per second anyway. You'll get the best performance by recording to a separate internal hard disk. An external USB disk won't have a fast enough data transfer rate. Recording to a separate partition on the same disk would theoretically have no effect.

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    I get massive lag when recording with fraps

    PC specs Gtx 770 gpu I7 @ 3.5ghz Asus z-87k Corsair 8gb ram 1TB HDD 240GB SSD with windows 8.1

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