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Thread: Raiding with Cerebral Palsy

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    I agree with everything said here, you need to be able to move instantly while dpsing, macros wont do it for you, you need a mouse with a lot of buttons as everyone has been suggesting.
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    If your'e looking at the N52, take a look as well at the Logitech G13. Similar concept but with a little joystick that's easier to control accurately, and more buttons than an N52 as well.

    What I dont know is whether it has Mac drivers available. I suppose I could check but I'm lazy.

    Edit: Okay I got off my butt and checked and there are Mac drivers for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilOromis View Post
    I strongly suggest you invest in a WoW gaming mouse. I use the three buttons near the top for run forward/strafe left/strafe right. Two buttons under it can be used for Wrath and Starfire. Two buttons on the left side for moonfire & insect swarm. Then there are another four buttons on the left and two on the right side which you can use for cd's such as Mushrooms/Force of Nature/Starfall/Starsurge/Typhoon/Innervate.

    I haven't played Balance druid since end of wrath so sorry if my idea of your rotation is a little off. Just trying to help.
    Biggest problem I see with all the suggestions for different mice for him to use are almost all of them are for a Right-Handed user, and he said he is limited to Left-Hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironsides View Post
    I agree with everything said here, you need to be able to move instantly while dpsing, macros wont do it for you, you need a mouse with a lot of buttons as everyone has been suggesting.
    Does anyone know of a mouse that has all the buttons for a Left-Handed user though? Since a lot of the extra buttons are for use with a Thumb which is where his pinky would be.

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    First off Thumbs up for even trying i know a few people that have just said 'i cant do this' and left it at that.

    I'm Not exactly sure how CP affects people however i will take you at your word that you get no usage out of your right hand
    That being said however if you can get some usage as someone mentioned before using modifier keys (alt/ctrl/shift) would be of a great advantage to you.

    I found a few Options for you

    #1 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16826153066
    Ambidextrous mouse 9 Possible buttons (including Wheel UP/Down and Press)

    #2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16826141005
    An Option bout all i can say about it, yea it's weird I Think(Honestly cant be sure here) it has Eight buttons.

    #3 http://store.razerzone.com/store/raz...ctID.182251700
    This is In my opinion the Strongest option, Only Seven Buttons (including wheel up/down, press) it is a Strictly left handed model

    Now Just to Go waaaaay off the beaten track You might want to consider Something like


    I'm Completly unsure as to wiether or not the joypad can be used like a mouse or not but if it can sounds like the answer to all of your problems. However Even if it isn't able to be used like that If one of the buttons is a Tab you should still be fine. It would make you a (omg the horror) a keyboard turner but what can you do.

    Just a couple of things to consider hope this helps, best of luck.
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